Ford Figo For Sale in Namibia

Ford Figo For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Figo?

The Ford Figo is a subcompact hatchback manufactured by Ford India in its Chennai and Sanand plants. Based on the Mark V European Ford Fiesta hatchback, the Figo has been sold in emerging countries between March 2010 and 2021.

Ford Figo For Sale in Namibia

Ford Figo. N$ 195,000 | 71 000km. 2020; Petrol; Manual. Ongwediva; Hatchback; Aircon. * approx 10% interest over 72 month ± 10% deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ford Figo a reliable car?

The Figo was launched in 2010 and received a second-generation update in 2016. The hatchback was praised for its handling characteristics and reliable engines, and this still holds true even today.

Is Ford Figo petrol or diesel?

The Ford Figo has 2 Diesel Engine and 2 Petrol Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 1498 cc and 1499 cc while the Petrol engine is 1194 cc and 1497 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Figo has a mileage of 25.5 kmpl .

Is the Ford Figo fuel efficient?

Ford Figo Mileage

Figo user reported mileage for Petrol models is 14.25 kmpl for city driving and 18.25 kmpl for highway driving. ARAI reported Figo Petrol mileage is 16.00 – 20.40 kmpl.

How much is full tank of Petrol for Ford Figo?

Ford Figo fuel tank capacity is 40 to 42 litres.

Which company made Ford Figo?

The Ford Figo is a subcompact hatchback manufactured by Ford India in its Chennai and Sanand plants.

How much fuel does a Ford Figo use?

The mileage of Figo Petrol ranges between 16 kmpl – 19.31 kmpl and the mileage of Figo Diesel ranges between 24.4 kmpl – 25.5 kmpl.

Is Ford Figo powerful?

Both engines onboard the Figo, are capable and powerful when pitched against key rivals. What’s more, is that both engines are also efficient with petrol returning an impressive 18.5 Kmpl and diesel a superb 24.4 Kmpl.

Why is my Ford Figo heavy on fuel?

Dirty or damaged fuel filter: it allows the filth to go through, which damages the injectors. Faulty oxygen sensor (Lambda probe): it indicates incorrect oxygen values which makes the air and the fuel mix inadequately and this increases fuel consumption.

How much oil does a Petrol Ford Figo take?

What is the engine oil capacity of Ford Figo? An engine oil capacity of Ford Figo is 3.5 litres.

Is Ford Figo old model a good car?

The Figo’s got great big-car feel. The ride is one of the best in class, good at both low and high speeds. It’s very stable at three digit speeds and you can see Ford’s ‘driver’s car’ DNA in it. The steering is light and nicely weighted for city use, though there’s not much feel at speed, it’s still nice and accurate.