Ford Galaxy For Sale in Namibia

Ford Galaxy For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Galaxy?

The Ford Galaxy is a seven-seater car produced by Ford of Europe from June 1995 to April 2023.

Ford Galaxy For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ford Galaxy to buy?

What’s the best Ford Galaxy model/engine to choose from? This is simple, because the basic Ford Galaxy is the best Ford Galaxy. The entry-level Zetec trim packs all the equipment you need for family life, while the 150PS version of the 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel offers a compelling blend of performance and fuel economy.

Is A Ford Galaxy a reliable Car?

In our most recent Reliability Survey, the Galaxy placed fifth out of seven cars in the MPV class. That is in diesel form, we should add – petrol variants didn’t feature. Though its ranking isn’t particularly impressive, the Galaxy’s overall reliability rating of 97% fortunately is.

Is Ford Galaxy petrol or diesel?


2.5L Hybrid
Fuel TypePetrol / Electric
Max Power PS190

Is Ford Galaxy still made?

Ford has confirmed it’s killing off the Fiesta, S-Max and Galaxy as it transitions to an electric future. The Blue Oval made the announcement this morning and released a nostalgic video for the Fiesta (which you can watch above).

What car is similar to a Ford Galaxy?

The Galaxy’s two main rivals are the Seat Alhambra and the Volkswagen Sharan. The Alhambra is an incredibly roomy car, matching the Galaxy, and it’s wonderfully practical too. Despite this, it’s relatively affordable, both new and used, and it’s comfortable, too.

When did Ford stop making Galaxy?

The Ford Galaxy is a seven-seater car produced by Ford of Europe from June 1995 to April 2023.

How many Litres does a Ford Galaxy have?

What is the fuel tank capacity of Ford Galaxy? Ford Galaxy variants, that run entirely on fuel, have a tank capacity of 70 l (18.49 gal) or 75 l (19.81 gal). Hybrid alternatives, are equipped with slightly smaller fuel tanks – 65 l (17.17 gal).

Why is Ford discontinuing the Galaxy?

The decision comes as a result of Ford’s transition towards an all-electric product range and in response to changing customer demand. The Ford Galaxy was launched in Europe in 1996 when the first generation of the family hauler arrived as a joint venture product between Ford and the Volkswagen Group.

How many bags does a Ford Galaxy have?

You can move the two rows of seats forward to increase boot (trunk) space, but you will have a tough time fitting four rolling bags behind the rear seats. You could probably fit two rolling bags behind row three if standing upwards, and lay one across the middle seat in the second row (using a seatbelt to secure it).

How many miles will a Ford Galaxy last?

They have the VAG 1.9 PD engine which if looked after has a sound reputation for longevity so 150,000 miles shouldn’t by itself worry you. Avoid any automatics. Important that the oil has been changed regularly and the correct PD oil used so service history would be good.