Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger is a nameplate that has been used on multiple model lines of pickup trucks sold by Ford worldwide.

Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

Ford Ranger for sale ; N$ 159,900. 2008 Ford Ranger 2.5TD 4×4. 244 000 km ; N$ 164,900. 2015 Ford Ford Ranger 2.2 XL 4×2. 136 000 km ; N$ …

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Ford Ranger Raptor in Namibia?

Pricing. The Ranger Raptor is priced at R1 094 900 and comes with a 4-year/120 000km warranty while a service or maintenance plan is an optional extra.

How much should a Ford Ranger cost?

Full 2024 Ford Ranger Lineup Pricing

Model*MSRP (w/ dest. incl)Price change from 2023
Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew 4×2$34,160+ $3,080
Ford Ranger XL SuperCrew 4×4$37,805+ $3,080
Ford Ranger XLT SuperCrew 4×2$37,600+$2,685
Ford Ranger XLT SuperCrew 4×4$41,085+$2,685

How much is Ford Ranger in rands?

FORD RANGER Suggested Retail Price

ModelExcl. VatIncl. Vat
RANGER 2.2TDCI SUPER CAB XL 6AT 4X2 HRR337,304R387,900
RANGER 2.2TDCI SUPER CAB XL 6MT 4X4 HRR373,478R429,500
RANGER 3.2 TDCI SUPER CAB XLT 6AT 4X4 HRR504,261R579,900

Is Raptor and Ranger the same?

While it rides on the same fully boxed ladder frame as the regular Ranger, the Raptor receives a long-travel suspension for soaring over jumps and multiple drive modes to optimize its off-road performance across a variety of challenging terrain.

Is Ford Ranger fuel efficient?

The all-new Ford Ranger has proven itself a leader in fuel economy in the Philippines after traveling 1,623 kilometres on a single tank of fuel – averaging an incredible 19.44 Km/L over the entire journey between Manila, Subic, Clark and Tarlac City.

What are the weaknesses of a Ford Ranger?

Common Problems with a Ford Ranger

  • Transmission problems with a Ford Ranger: Gearbox Slippage.
  • Leak in Crankshaft Seal.
  • Engine Problems.
  • Crankshaft Sensor Failure.
  • Problems with a Ford Ranger’s fuel injector.

Are Ford Ranger reliable?

According to, the Ford Ranger scores four out of five in reliability, which puts it above average and in third out of seven other midsize trucks. It’s a top contender. The annual repair cost of the Ford Ranger is $615, placing it slightly above the $548 average for other midsize trucks.

What does Raptor mean in Ford?

In use since the 2010 model year, the Raptor is designated as the highest-performance version of the F-150, Ranger and Bronco. Drawing its name from both birds of prey and the velociraptor, the model line is intended as a street-legal counterpart of an off-road racing trophy truck.

Which is bigger Ford Ranger or Raptor?

The Raptor’s front and rear tracks are each a massive 150mm wider, and the vehicle sits 51mm taller.

How many Litres of fuel does a Ford Ranger hold?

It has a 80L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 964km per full tank.