Ford Transit For Sale in Namibia

Ford Transit For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Transit ?

The Ford Transit has been a best-selling van and commercial van market leader in the United States and the United Kingdom for over 40 years. Since its launch in Britain, the Ford Transit has been a breeding ground for innovation and continues to lead the way in what’s possible for both cargo and passenger vans.

Ford Transit For Sale in Namibia

Used Ford Transit for sale in Namibia. You can buy Ford around Windoek from Nautocar Namibia for 170000 Rands – This Minivan made in 2012 has Automatic …

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Transit Ford?

The Ford Transit is available from $53,090 to $67,090 for the 2023 range of models in Dual Cab, People Mover, Single Cab and Van body types.

s Ford Transit economical?

The vast majority of them use a turbo-diesel engine so will be quite economical and many also offer an automatic transmission for ease of driving.

Is Ford Transit a van or car?

The Ford Transit is a family of light commercial vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1965, primarily as a cargo van, but also available in other configurations including a large passenger van (marketed as the Ford Tourneo in some markets since 1995), cutaway van chassis, and a pickup truck.

Which engine is best for Ford Transit?

The best engine for power in the Ford Transit Custom is without doubt the 185 PS model while the best model overall is arguably the 170 PS which combines power and pretty decent fuel economy of up to 37.2mpg.

Are Ford Transits good on fuel?

The smallest model in the Ford Transit range, the Transit Courier is capable of an average 57.6mpg with the 75hp 1.5 Duratorq diesel fitted and the Transit is one of the few vans offered with petrol power.

What engine is in Ford Transit?

The base engine is a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V-6 that provides 275 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque.

What are common problems with a Ford Transit?

Some of the most common Ford Transit Connect Van problems include rusting door hinges, a dirty throttle body, and a failing transmission. The Ford Transit Connect is back for 2023, but some previous generations are still on the road.1

Does Ford Transit come in diesel?

The Ford Transit Van offers modern versatility and mobility to commuter vehicles with a wide variety of models, a choice of strong and fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines and simple driving methods.

How many seats does a Ford Transit have?


The 2022 Ford Transit Van offers multiple seat configurations and offers an available seating of up to 15 passengers.

How long will a Ford Transit last?

How long do Ford vans tend to last? As mentioned earlier, some owners have actively reported using their vans for 10 to 15 years. Also, you can expect to get up to 300,000 of mileage from your van if you take good care of it. Otherwise, the average mileage expectancy is 150,000 miles.