Freezer Trucks For Sale in Namibia

Freezer Trucks For Sale in Namibia

What is Freezer Trucks ?

A refrigerator truck or chiller lorry, is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. Most long-distance refrigerated transport by truck is done in articulated trucks pulling refrigerated hardside semi-trailers, although insulated curtainsiders are common in some countries.

Freezer Trucks For Sale in Namibia

2011 Isuzu Elf Freezer Truck for sale in Windhoek, Namibia. This vehicle has 192652 km and Diesel Engine. Pre-owned Elf Freezer Truck for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a refrigerated truck last?

A common rule of thumb is a reefer trailer should last for an average of 40,000 hours of use which equates to about 8 years on the open road. These values are based on an average of 4,000 to 5,000 hours of use per year. Keeping your hours under 4,000 annually will then extend the lifespan of your trailer considerably.

What are freezer trucks called?

A Reefer as they are known, are vans and trucks that include a refrigeration unit to maintain specific climates for temperature-sensitive loads. They are available in Nose mount or Rooftop system configuration.

How much fuel does a refrigerated truck use?

Reefer trucks burn around 0.75 gallons of fuel per hour, and most reefer fuel tanks have a 50-gallon capacity. Therefore, reefer tanks need to be filled every 2 to 4 days. Since refrigerator units are closed systems, driving behavior does not affect fuel consumption.

How do refrigerated trucks get power?

The refrigerated trailer runs on an active cooling system designed to carry perishable goods. This system requires its own power source and many reefer trucks are either run on diesel-powered generators or cryogenic cooling systems.

Do refrigerated trucks use diesel?

Almost all perishable foods and medicines are delivered in trucks or tractor trailers equipped with transport refrigeration units (TRUs), which are most often powered by small diesel engines.

Who invented the freezer truck?

Inventor, racecar driver and self-taught engineer Frederick McKinley Jones is recognized as one of America’s greatest inventors. A longtime resident of Hallock, Minnesota, Jones revolutionized the American food industry with his work on refrigerated transportation.

What are the advantages of refrigerated trucks?

Protection: The biggest benefit of refrigerated cargo transportation is the protection it provides for the perishable goods being shipped. These trailers are equipped with the capability to protect from deterioration, spoilage, and loss of value, no matter the weather conditions.

How cold can a refrigerated truck get?

The Range of Temperatures of Refrigerated Trucks

A refrigerated truck rental can maintain temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 degrees below zero. Most trucks and vans can maintain a wide range of temperatures. Note that refrigerated trucks do not have to maintain the same temperature in all areas.

What fuel do refrigerated trucks use?

REEFER FUEL. Reefer fuel is primarily used on refrigeration trucks. It can also be used in construction, agriculture and any other off-road equipment that does not operate on a highway and the government requires fuel tax. Tractor fuel, however, is a standard number 2 diesel.

Are refrigerated trucks air tight?

Refrigerated vans have an airtight storage compartment. A condenser removes heat from inside the compartment, bringing it down to cold, freezing, or lower temperatures. A freezer van is insulated from warmth in the outdoor environment and heat created by the truck’s motor, exhaust, and other heat-producing systems.