Game Lodges For Sale in Namibia

Game Lodges For Sale in Namibia

What are Game Lodges?

A safari lodge is a type of tourist accommodation in southern and eastern Africa. Lodges are mainly used by tourists on wildlife safaris, and are typically located in or near national parks or game reserves.

Game Lodges For Sale in Namibia

NAMIBIA – MAGNIFICENT LODGES/RESORTS FOR SALE OR LEASE, … The Park is one of the most important game reserves in Africa and is home to numerous game …

Frequently Asked Questions

What do lodges offer?

A lodge is an accommodation facility which is located and designed to optimize the feeling of being closely in touch with nature. The building style should feature natural materials and colouring such as wood, stone and thatch. An outdoor experience should be offered at the lodge, such as guided walks, game drives etc.

What is the difference between a lodge and a safari?

Safari Lodge, The primary differences between a safari camp and a safari lodge tend to be size (lodges, in general, are bigger), the presence of amenities (like electricity, air-conditioning and hair dryers) and of course, four solid walls around you.

Why are game lodges important?

A game reserve is a place animals can safely live without being unduly disturbed by poachers, hunters or any other form of intruder. In most cases, a large expanse of land is dedicated for this purpose. Animals are mostly safe in game reserves and even if they are hunted at all, it is done in a controlled manner.

Why is it called a lodge?

as “small building or hut,” from Old French loge “arbor, covered walk; hut, cabin, grandstand at a tournament” (12c.), from Frankish *laubja “shelter” (cognate with Old High German louba “porch, gallery,” German Laube “bower, arbor”), from Proto-Germanic *laubja- “shelter.” On a widespread guess (backed by Watkins, OED …

What is the concept of lodge?

A house on an estate originally for the use of a gamekeeper, caretaker, or porter. b. : a shelter for an employee (such as a gatekeeper) 4. : a den or lair especially of gregarious animals (such as beavers)

Can a lodge be a home?

While lodges are most commonly used for short breaks away from everyday life, they can also sometimes be used as primary residences.

What is a lodge area?

A lodge is a house or hotel in the country or in the mountains where people stay on vacation, especially when they want to hunt or fish. … a Victorian hunting lodge. Synonyms: cabin, house, shelter, cottage More Synonyms of lodge.

What’s the meaning of game park?

Game park. noun. (esp in Africa) a large area of country set aside as a reserve for wild animals.