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Gecko Namibia’s philosophy is based on the knowledge that we are mere custodians of the assets God has given us to administer. Registered as a charitable trust, the Gecko Foundation will be utilized by the group as a vehicle for the distribution of acquired wealth.

The foundation has made an initial commitment to allocate 10% of all nett profits of the group to the trust and has delivered a formal assurance of its intention to the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Of the profits made in a specific area, 5% will be used to serve the immediate community that lives in the area. The funds will be employed to address some of the community’s most pressing needs. The balance (5%) will go towards needy communities who live further afield in Namibia.

We expect substantial funds to become available for allocation by the foundation in the future. The foundation is committed, not simply to distributing funds, but also to becoming personally involved in the projects it finances. We believe that this is the only moral way of disbursing the allocated funds, and feel that this will do much to further the goals set out in Vision 2030 and the respective national development plans.

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