Goldstone Software Engineering Institute in Namibia

Goldstone Software Engineering Institute in Namibia

About Goldstone

Goldstone Software Engineering Institution is a fully-owned (100%) Namibian institution established in 2012, offering courses in Engineering, IT, Business, Education and Language courses. Its establishment to a great extent, was derived from the vision 2030, which identifies Education, Science and Technology as core driving forces in achieving national goals. The College was started well aware of the current challenges and opportunities facing tertiary education globally.

The need for electronically automated systems continues to grow in almost every workplace in most businesses. This is caused by the amount of information that continuously become tremendous, making it hard to eliminate common human errors as well as increasing the time spent on doing certain tasks.

This can also result in information being less reliable. Goldstone Software Engineering Institute was started with the purpose of assisting companies and institutions to solve these technical problems by producing graduates in the IT field who will have extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, developing and implementing software applications (desktop or web-based) that focus on providing efficient, timeless, reliable as well as accurate information and automation of many tasks, as well as fixing IT related problem.

Goldstone Software Engineering Institute focuses on making sure that the graduates are fed with the latest knowledge in their fields to enable them to make the best decisions when given tasks in designing and providing customized software applications to meet specific business needs as well as in IT configuration, systems network set up and IT management.

Goldstone Software Engineering Institute Courses Offered

Minimum & Maximum
(NB: Foreign students should pay atleast 75% of the total course fees)
DepositPaying CashMonthly InstallmentsTotal Course Fees
Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Level 4)Full-time/ Part-time1 YEAR2,60010,545850×1011,100
Certificate in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time1 YEAR2,60010,545850×1011,100
Certificate in Geographic & Information Systems (GISPart-time/Full-time/Distance/Online6 MONTHS1,4306,175845×66,500
Certificate in Auto CADFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online6 MONTHS1,4306,175845×66,500
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Software Engineering (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in PC Engineering (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Geographic Information & Systems (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Electronic Data Processing (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Electrical & Electronics (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012,800
Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012,800
Diploma in Software Engineering (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012,800
Diploma in PC Engineering (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012,800
Certificate in Information Technology (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR2,60010,545850×1011,100
Certificate in Computer Science (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR2,60010,545850×1012,900
Certificate in Mobile Applications DevelopmentFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online8 MONTHS1,8008,550900×89,000
Certificate in 3D Motion Graphics (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR9,00019,0001,100×1020,000
Certificate in Web Design & Web ProgrammingFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online6 MONTHS1,8006,156780×66,480
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,90011,305900×1011,900
Diploma in Computer Science (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS3,50012,730900×1013,400
Diploma in 3D Motion Graphics (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS2,90011,30511,30511,900
Diploma in Digital & Interactive Games (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time2 YEARS15,00042,7503000×1045,000
Diploma in Information Technology (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012,800
Diploma in Computer Science (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS3, 20012,160960×1012,800
Diploma in 3D Motion Graphics (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time3 YEARS12,00023,7503000×1025,000
Diploma in Systems Administration (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS3,20012,160960×1012, 800
Certificate in Office Administration (Level 1)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,2004,400850×44,600
Certificate in Accounting & Finance (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR1,8009,310800×109,800
Certificate in Travel & Tourism Management (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR1,8009,310800×109,800
Certificate in Business Administration & Management (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR1,8009,310800×109,800
Certificate in Human Resource Management (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR1,8009,310800×109,800
Certificate in Real Estate Management (Level 4)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online1 YEAR1,8009,310800×109,800
Diploma in Accounting & Finance (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Business Administration & Management (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Accounting and Finance (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Business Administration and Management (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Human Resource Management (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Real Estate Management (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Education – Computer Studies (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Pre & Lower Primary Education (Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Upper Primary Education ( Level 5)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 YEARS2,0509,975845×1010,500
Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Education- Computer Studies (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Pre & Lower Primary Education (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
Diploma in Upper Primary Education (Level 6)Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 YEARS2,30010,545880×1011,100
English: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
English: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
English: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Russian: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Russian: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Russian: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
French: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
French: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
French: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Portuguese: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Portuguese: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Portuguese: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Afrikaans: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Afrikaans: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
Afrikaans: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0002,235450×32,350
A+ PC TechnicianFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,5004,750875×45,000
N+ Networking CompTiaFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,5004,750875×45,000
Cisco CCNA1-4Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS2,0006,6501,250×47,000
MCITP Windows 7 EnterpriseFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,1203,800960×34,000
MCITP SQL Server-Active DirectoryFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,5004,750875×45,000
MCITP-DESK VirtualisationFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,5004,750875×45,000
Oracle DevelopmentFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online6 MONTHS1,9607,049910×67,420
Java Programming SE7Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online6 MONTHS1,9607,049910×67,420
Cloud Computing – MCPD Azure Technology, Tablets & Mobile PhonesFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online8 MONTHS1,8008,550900×89,000
IC3Full-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS1,0002,850500×43,000
E-CommerceFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online4 MONTHS2,0005,7001,000×46,000
Specialized Training for KidsFull-time/Part-time3 MONTHS1,0002,375500×32,500
Short Courses In Any Programming LanguagesFull-time/Part-time6 MONTHS1,9607,049910×67,420
Graphic Design & Digital PublishingFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,8003,990800×34,200
SQL ServerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online2 MONTHS2,5004,7501,250×25,000
MAYAFull-time/Part-time3 MONTHS1,0003,325833×33,500
Computer Literacy: BeginnerFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0003,055750×33,250
Computer Literacy: IntermediateFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0003,055750×33,250
Computer Literacy: AdvancedFull-time/Part-time/Distance/Online3 MONTHS1,0003,055750×33,250
Done by everyone who does not meet the minimum entry requirements
English 1Full-time/Part-time6 MONTHS2,0007,6401,000×68000
Basic Mathematics
Basic Computer Skills
Basic Accounting Principles

Goldstone Software Engineering Admission Requirements

  1. Grade 12 with 18 Points in 5 subjects with an E in English.
  2. Grade 10 with 20 Points in 6 subjects with a pass (E) in English.
  3. Those with fewer points than the above will have to do the foundation course before being enrolled. Prior learning and experience are considered.
  4. Mature Age Entry – 23 years.
  1. Possession of certificate NQF4 or equivalent from an accredited institution . Entry Requirements for programmes starting at Diploma Level is Grade 12 with 22 points and E in English. minimum. Candidates with less than 18 points will have to enroll for certificate level first.
  2. Mature Age Entry – 23 years. Prior learning may be considered in this case.


Entry Requirements

Candidates should be in possession of a diploma NQF5 or equivalent. If the candidate does not meet any of the above-mentioned requirements, the Executive Committee or the Managing Director may interview the candidate for admission. Prior learning may be considered in this case.


  1. Undergraduate Degrees, at least grade 12 with 25 points including a D in English and or a Diploma
  2. Masters Degrees, at least a Degree and or an Advanced Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma.
  3. Two latest passport photos.
  4. Updated Resume
  5. Proof/Certificate of work experience.
  6. Filled in application form accompanied by a proof of payment for the form.


  1. Applicants are required to fill the application form and submit/post it to GOLDSTONE postal address.
  2. Fee payments can be done by any of our payment methods.
  3. Proof of payment for the application form on the form.
  4. Proof/Certificate of work experience.
  5. You may also seek admission by applying online:


  • Registration fee (Non-refundable): N$1,000.00 (subject to change) and Late Registration Fee is N$1,250.00
  • Application form fee (Non-refundable): N$ 100.00 (subject to change).
  • Upon the registration, the student will get a free GOLDSTONE golf T-shirt with his/her name on it
  • Student Card fee (Non-refundable): N$ 55.00 (subject to change).
  • Internet: Deposit N$50.00 and monthly payments N$30.00
  • Payment terms are cash or installment plan
  • Foreign students should pay at least 75% of the course fees
  • A 5% discount on tuition fees will be granted if fees are paid in full. However discount is calculated on tuition fees only and it may vary.
  • The course fee will be increasing every year by an amount between 10% to15 percent.
  • Students are only allowed to attend classes after paying deposit, and all prices are in N$.
  • Tuition fees are paid for course and do not take consideration of time
  • Rebates to Students Representative Council. A rebate of 20% to SRC Chairperson and 15% to SRC members will be granted on the following conditions:
    • The rebate will be calculated for the period served as SRC member or chairperson
    • Rebates will be calculated on tuition fees only or any other charges
    • Rebates will be refunded at the end of each semester
    • Rebates will only be refunded, if the fee account is settled in full
    • Tuition fees do not include textbooks or projects and practical fees
  • Registration fee, student card fee and application form fee are non-refundable
  • Tuition Fee will be refunded in proportion of the time passed before cancellation. For more information see our refund policy on Students not admitted for a course will get 100% refund excluding application form fees
  • Students not registered for a course which cannot be offered due to circumstances (e.g. student numbers not enough/adequate) will get 100% refund.
  • No refunds on fees for foreign students
  • All students who obtain at least 85% in the final mark of a course shall receive a discount on tuition fees for that course as follows:
    • 5% for a certificate course
    • 10% for a diploma course
    • 15% for an advanced diploma course
  • Interest on overdue accounts
    • A 15% annual interest will be charged on all tuition accounts.
    • Monthly payment received after the 5th of each month will attract a late fee charge of 10% added to monthly payment

Please note that GOLDSTONE does not offer any financial assistance in the form of loans and/or bursaries.
All students will be provided with a Student Handbook and other policies that affect students upon registration and payment of tuition fees deposit.
Not withstanding the fact that all the information contained herein has been compiled as accurately as possible, councils, board of Goldstone Software Engineering Institute accept no responsibility for any errors that may occur
NB: Some courses are only offered either on certificate, diploma or advanced level.


Administration Office
National Software Engineering Academy
Windhoek West, Cnr Pasteur & Freud Street Bank :Bank Windhoek
Account Name:Goldstone Software Engineering Institute
Account No:8003546576Branch:CapricornBranch Code:486-372On the deposit slip, please indicate;
Reference: Please indicate the Name and Surname of the Student e.g. Tom Smith plus Student Number
Send Proof to deposit to address below:
The Registrar
National Software Engineering Academy
P. O. Box 26042
Or deliver to the physical address below or Email
Main Campus
Physical Location:: ERF:3695/11, Corner of Pastuer and Freud street, Windhoek westTelephone:(+264-61)-234-186 / (+264-81) 635 4851Fax Number:0886558400 or (+264)

Goldstone Software Engineering Institute Contact Details

Windhoek west, erf. 3695/11,
Cnr Pasteur & Freud Street,
Windhoek – Namibiaphone

Give us a ring


MR Aron

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MS Justina
Mon – Fri, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PMbusiness_center

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