Golf 4 For Sale in Namibia

Golf 4 For Sale in Namibia

What is Golf 4?

The Mark 4 Golf was sold as a two-door hatchback, a four-door hatchback, a wagon, and a convertible, although the cabriolet was just Golf 3 with the face of a Golf 4 – cheeky Germans!

Golf 4 For Sale in Namibia

Golf 4 1,6L going for N$50 000 ( negotiable) it is in a very good condition. Further info contact 0815813596, the car is in Ondangwa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What year is a golf 4?

The Volkswagen Golf Mk4 (or VW Type 1J) is a compact car, the fourth generation of the Volkswagen Golf and the successor to the Volkswagen Golf Mk3. Launched in October 1997 for the 1998 model year, it was the best selling car in Europe in 2001 (though it slipped to second place, behind the Peugeot 206, in 2002).

How much is golf 4 now?

Nigerian used / Locally used Volkswagen Golf 4 prices in Nigeria

Volkswagen Golf 4 2004 price
Volkswagen Golf 2004 GTi Automatic₦ 450,000 – 600,000
Volkswagen Golf 2004 GL 2.0₦ 550,000 – 700,000
Volkswagen Golf 2004 2.0 FSi Sportline₦ 600,000 – 650,000

Is A Golf 4 a reliable car?

All Golf Mk4 diesel engines are 1.9-litre four cylinder, and well-known for reliability and ample power.

How many golf 4 were produced?

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV

Since its launch in 1974, no less than 18 million Golf were produced, placing it third place behind VW’s own Beetle and Toyota Corolla in history.

Which Golf is 4×4?

The VW Golf Lineup & All-Wheel Drive Availability

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Golf R, and Golf SportWagen are available with all-wheel drive, giving drivers an extra boost of confidence when driving in less-than-ideal conditions. That said, the Golf, Golf GTI, and e-Golf do NOT offer AWD.

Which Golf 4 engine is best?

What engine would I recommend? Definatelly, the 131 bhp 1.9 TDI ASZ engine. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s one of the all-time greatest hits in the internal combustion world. As for the urban crawlers among us, the 1.6 MPI 105 bhp engine is all the engine you’ll ever need.

How long can golf 4 last?

In terms of years, the average Golf can run for more than 5 years without encountering any problems, continuing to thrive for even longer if you make an effort to maintain or change the timing belt and take great care of the engine.

What does Golf mean in VW?

Golf. Several VW models take their names from winds, a pattern that’s more of a historical accident than a planned strategy, and many think that trend continued with Golf. But “Golf” isn’t a type of wind – it’s the German word for the Gulf Stream ocean current.

How fast is a Golf 4?

The Volkswagen Golf 4 1.6 top speed is 188 Km/h / 117 mph.

Does Golf 4 have Turbo?

The Volkswagen Golf 4 3-doors GTI 1.8 Turbo 150HP top speed is 216 Km/h / 134 mph.