Golf Used Cars For Sale in Namibia

Golf Used Cars For Sale in Namibia

What are Used Cars ?

Definitions of used-car. a car that has been previously owned; not a new car. synonyms: secondhand car. type of: auto, automobile, car, machine, motorcar. a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine.

Golf Used Cars For Sale in Namibia

22 Volkswagen Golf for sale ; N$ 100,000. 2011 Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI. 81 000 km ; N$ 105,000. 2012 Volkswagen Golf. 88 000 km ; N$ 120,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a GTI cost in Namibia?

The VW Golf 7 GTI model for N$ 269,000. ☎️ Call us 061 243006 for more information. with sensors, Front Assist sensors, Headlight Washer, Clean, and many more Safety Features.

What does a VW Golf cost?

The 2023 Volkswagen Golf comes in GTI and R versions. Both are high-class compact hatchbacks with great driver appeal. Pricing starts at $30,530.

How much is a Golf 7 in rands?

New VW Golf 7 Price

Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI ComfortlineR264 900
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI Comfortline with DSGR279 400
Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI ComfortlineR282 300
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI HighlineR293 600

What type of car is a Golf?

Compact car

Volkswagen Golf
Body and chassis
ClassCompact car/small family car (C)

Is a VW Golf a good used car?

Yes, it’s the Volkswagen Golf, the ‘hear hooves, think horses’ of family hatchbacks. It’s an industry benchmark. A vanguard in the battle against the overdone, overblown and ostentatious. An easy (and possibly lazy) recommendation given by all car people to non-car people when they simply need ‘a car’.

Is a Golf a good car to buy?

In short, it should certainly be on your hit list if you’re looking for a posh family hatchback with lots of tech, refined on-road manners and a high-quality, practical interior. Head on over to the Volkswagen Golf deals or other new Volkswagen deals pages to see how much you can save through carwow.

What are other names for Golf cars?

A golf cart (alternatively known as a golf buggy or golf car) is a small motorized vehicle designed originally to carry two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course with less effort than walking.

Is a VW Golf good on fuel?

All Volkswagen Golf Mk8s offer economy that ranges from palatable to very good, hence the competitive 6.9 – 46.0mpp figures across the board. Under the ‘real world’ WLTP official fuel efficiency testing regime, the most economical versions to consider are the eHybrid and lower-powered 2.0 TDI.

Are VW Golfs expensive to repair?

Servicing costs are moderate next to some of its high-performance brethren, but perhaps more than you’d pay for the average Ford or Vauxhall. VW also offers a number of differing servicing plans that help you plan for and spread the cost of the next two services.

What car compares to a golf?

Arguably the VW Golf’s biggest rival, the Ford Focus is one of UK’s favourites. After a bit of a swing and a miss with their previous model, the most recent version of the Focus is back to its best.

Which Golf is most fuel economical?

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion is the most fuel efficient Golf of all time. Its 1.6-litre, four-cylinder turbo-diesel 77kW engine (250Nm of torque) uses 0.1L/100km less fuel than the all-mighty Prius and it doesn’t even need to carry around batteries and an electric engine.