Grain Suppliers in Namibia

Grain Suppliers in Namibia

What is Grain?

A grain is a small, hard, dry fruit – with or without an attached hull layer – harvested for human or animal consumption. A grain crop is a grain-producing plant. The two main types of commercial grain crops are cereals and legumes. 

Grain Suppliers in Namibia

BOKOMO NAMIBIA. Box 96388, WHK. Khomas. 061-264466/0833315030. 061-264334 … Pepata Indigenoue Food Supply P.O.Box 26356,. Khomas. 812890336

Frequently Asked Question

Where does Namibia get its wheat from?

Namibia imports Wheat primarily from: South Africa ($4.95M), Poland ($3.15M), United States ($2.57M), Germany ($2.57M), and Canada ($1.89M). The fastest growing import markets in Wheat for Namibia between 2020 and 2021 were Poland ($3.15M), South Africa ($1.49M), and Germany ($32.9k).

Does Namibia import wheat?

Namibia is a net importer of wheat, and imports about 90% of its wheat requirement annually.

What is Namibia’s most important resource?

Natural Resources

In 1908 Namibia experienced a diamond rush when it was discovered that the precious stones could just be simply picked up off the sands of the Namib Desert. Since then Namibia has remained one of the most important countries for diamond mining, both onshore and offshore.

Which country is the largest exporter of wheat in Africa?

South Africa

In value terms, South Africa remains the largest wheat supplier in Africa, comprising 90% of total exports.

What does Namibia import most?

Namibia imports foodproducts; petroleum products and fuel, machinery and equipment and chemicals. South Africa is Namibia’s major import partner (66% of total imports), followed by the Netherlands, United Kingdom and China.

Can Wheat grow in Namibia?

Maize, wheat and mahangu are the main sources of staple food in the country. Maize and wheat are grown on commercial farms, while mahangu is grown in rural communal areas.

What are 5 products produced in Namibia?

The horticulture covers fresh agricultural produce including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, butternuts, beans and groundnuts, dates, grapes, watermelons, melons, citrus and others under irrigations. Cereals crops include maize, pearl millet (mahangu), wheat and sunflower.

What are the most exported products from Namibia?

Namibia exports mostly diamonds (25% of total exports), uranium, lead, zinc, tin, silver, tungsten, food and live animals and manufactured products. Namibia’s main exports partners are South Africa (27% of total), United Kingdom (17%), USA, Angola, Netherlands and Spain.

What is lacking in Namibia?

Relatively high poverty, lagging human capital, and poor access to basic services are interrelated problems. Namibia’s poverty rapidly declined from 1993/94 to 2015/16, but it remains high for the country’s level of development.

What is the fastest growing sector in Namibia?

Commercial fishing and fish processing is the fastest-growing sector of the Namibian economy in terms of employment, export earnings, and contribution to GDP.