Haval Cars For Sale in Namibia

Haval Cars For Sale in Namibia

What is Haval Car ?

HAVAL is a specialist manufacturer of premium SUVs and is the No. 1 SUV brand in China (the world’s largest automotive market) and has been for the past 15 years. With over 5 million customers, last year HAVAL was the world’s 10th largest SUV manufacturer outselling Mercedes, BMW and Mitsubishi SUVs.

Haval Cars For Sale in Namibia

2020 Haval H9 · Automatic H9 · N$ 419 900 ; 2019 Haval H6 · Manual H6 · N$ 249 900 ; For Sale Haval H6 2.0 T Luxury · Automatic · N$ 499 900 ; HAVAL H2 2018 · N$ 255 000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Haval powered by Mercedes Benz?

Haval (Chinese: 哈弗; pinyin: Hāfú) is an automotive marque owned by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors that specialises in crossovers and SUVs.

What is the best selling Haval?

The Haval Jolion (4 785 units) was right on its tail, with its best month of 940 sales coming in March 2023 . Next was the Haval H6 , which ended the half-year term on 2 633 registrations and managed to break into the top 20 best-selling passenger vehicles overall.

What engines do Haval use?

The Haval H2 is powered by a turbocharged, 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine producing 110 kW and 210Nm and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. As of July 2021, ANCAP’s website lists the Haval H2 as having received the maximum safety ranking, five stars.

What does Haval mean in Chinese?

Answered by CarsGuide

21 Mar 2019 Lily Murray. According to HAVAL Australia, it originally stemmed from the English translation of the Haval name in Chinese which is roughly “Harfu”. This was then translated into “Hover”, and eventually an agency developed it into HAVAL as a contraction of “have” and “value”.

What rank is HAVAL?

In March 2018, Brand Finance released the Top 100 Most Valuable Auto Brands 2018. HAVAL brand surpassed the prestigious international brands such as Ferrari and Aston Martin, rising to the 16th place and becoming the most valuable Chinese auto brand.

Is HAVAL a petrol?

The variants of the 2022 Haval H6 use Premium Unleaded Petrol, Unleaded Petrol or Premium Unleaded/electric.

What is the largest Haval car?

Haval H9

Overview. The Haval H9 is the largest vehicle ever developed by Great Wall Motors with the drive train being a new all-wheel drive system, and is the second brand new SUV with a body-on-frame chassis developed by Haval, following the Haval H3 and Haval H5.

Are Havals fuel efficient?

Fuel economy for the 2022 Haval H6 Ultra AWD is rated at 8.2L/100km, which is adequate for an all-wheel-drive vehicle of its size, and we slightly bested that during our test with a result of 8.1L/100km. By comparison, the front-wheel drive Haval H6 is claimed to use 7.4L/100km.

How much fuel does a Haval car use?

Haval H6 Variant Pricing

Haval H6 VariantsNew Price FromFuel consumption (average)
2022 1.5T HEV Ultra LuxuryR 669 9505.2 l/100km
2021 2.0T 4WD LuxuryR 560 9508.3 l/100km
2021 2.0T 4WD Super LuxuryR 601 7508.3 l/100km
2021 2.0T LuxuryR 529 3507.4 l/100km

What is the top speed of the haval?

The base Haval Jolion can sprint from 0-100km/h in 9.4 seconds. Expect a top speed of around 185km/h.