Haval H2 For Sale in Namibia

Haval H2 For Sale in Namibia

What is Haval H2?

The Haval H2 is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor. Haval H2. Overview. Manufacturer.

Haval H2 For Sale in Namibia

4 Haval H2 for sale

  • 2019 Haval H2 1.5T Luxury. N$ 264,900 27,000 km Manual. N$ 264,900.
  • 2022 Haval H2 Jolion 1.5T City M/T. N$ 314,900 12,000 km Manual. N$ 314,900.
  • 2022 Haval H2 Jolion 1.5t City. N$ 319,900 25,000 km Manual. N$ 319,900.
  • 2021 Haval HAVAL H2 1.5 LUX A/T RED. N$ 330,000 47,000 km Automatic. N$ 330,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What country is Haval H2 from?

The Haval H2 is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor.

What is the fuel economy of the Haval H2?

The Haval H2 currently offers fuel consumption from 8.2 to 9L/100km.

Is Haval H2 a 7 seater?

Haval H2 is a 5 seater Car.

How reliable is Haval?

I trust the Haval GWM brand as I previously owned the Steed 5 bakkie and found it quite reliable. “Currently, our H1 is four years old in September; it has never left us stranded and still has the original manufacturer car battery. It’s still using the original key remote battery, and the vehicle has no road noise.

Does Haval H2 have Bluetooth?

Every HAVAL H2 boasts an 8” Infotainment Touchscreen featuring a wide range of connectivity options. Connect through Bluetooth, upload music via the SD slot and talk with friends using Apple CarPlay.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the Haval H2?

With a 55-litre fuel tank and an average of 8-l for every 100 kilometers, filling the 1-5t-intelligent up is likely to set you back AED 161.15, taking into account the current fuel price of AED 2.93 per liter for unleaded gasoline 95.

How many airbags does the Haval H2 have?

Six airbags can be found in the cabin.

Is the Haval H2 all wheel drive?

With the choice of FWD or AWD variants, as well as different trims, the Haval H2 is a relaxing choice that should bring joy to many owners over the years to come. Find out the Haval H2 2023 price today!

Is Haval a diesel?

Haval has ruled out adopting diesel engines in the future, saying the technology has already “reached its zenith” and that petrol and electrification has all the upside. Instead, all future models from the Chinese SUV brand will use turbocharged petrol engines.

What type of car is a HAVAL?


A very recent arrival in the Australian market, Haval is the SUV brand of Chinese commercial-vehicle brand, Great Wall. The company sells a product portfolio ranging in size from the small H2 up to the H9 off-roader, with the mid-size H6 model and the soft-road H8 complementing the H9 in the large SUV segment.