Headstart Mercy Montessori Teachers Training College FAQ's

Headstart Mercy Montessori Teachers Training College Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What courses does Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College offer?
Is Headstart only a training facility or is it a school as well?
Is there some general information about Headstart that I can download?
Where did Montessori come from?
What special training do Montessori teachers have?
Is Montessori good for children with learning disabilities? What about gifted children?
How do I find Montessori schools in my area?
How many Montessori schools are there?
Why does Montessori have multi-age classrooms?
Who accredits or oversees Montessori schools?
Are Montessori schools religious?
Is Montessori a franchise? Who can open a Montessori school?
Are Montessori children successful later in life?