HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT at Southern Business School Namibia

HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT at Southern Business School Namibia


Certificate management is the process of monitoring, processing, and executing every process in a certificate’s lifecycle. Certificate management is responsible for issuing, renewing, and deploying certificates to endpoints (servers, appliances, devices, etc.) so that network services are uninterrupted.

Entry Requirement

  • a Senior Certificate (SC); or
  • a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi; or
  • a National Senior Certificate – Vocational Level 4 (NC(V)); or
  • an NQF 4 National Certificate.


  • a minimum of 40% in English Home Language or First Additional Language.
  • Grade 12 with no less than 20 points* over 6 modules (No G’s)
*Conditional admission limited as per academic quota

STADIO is committed to achieving inclusion and to overcome barriers to access and success in higher education. Applicants who do not meet the stated admission criteria, but who have relevant work experience and/or prior learning may apply for admission under the policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). STADIO admits a maximum of 10% per cohort via RPL. The implementation of RPL is context-specific, in terms of discipline, programme and level.  Further information may be obtained from your Student Recruitment Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study business management with a higher certificate?​

The IIE Higher Certificate in Business Management offers students the perfect platform to pursue a Business Administration Degree or, upon completion, apply for internships or entry-level positions in related fields.

What is a Higher Certificate in business management?

The Higher Certificate in Business Management is a one year programme that develops skills, knowledge and values in the areas of team management, strategic management, project management, marketing, finance and people management.

How long does a Higher Certificate take to complete?

Higher certificates are obtained over one year. Often, this is a skills based qualification, which means that a lot of focus is put into how skills are applied. There is a focus on achieving a set of skills required to perform within the chosen field, and the qualification is typically industry orientated.

How long do you study for business management?

Some quick facts: Duration: Three years (two semesters per year; four modules per semester) Requirements: National senior certificate with minimum Bachelor’s Degree admission or a relevant qualification or equivalent. Sectors: Education, Government, Private Business and Retail to name just a few.

Are business certificates worth it?

Yes, a business administration certificate is worth it for many students. Earning this type of credential can look good on your resume. It can even help you get better at your job or take steps toward advancement.

Is SBS a college or university?

Southern Business School is a fully accredited and registered higher education institution.

Is Southern Business School Internationally Recognised?

Since its inception, it has seen numerous alumni go on to become leaders in business. The focal areas include leadership in management, business and commerce, law as well as policing. The institution is technology-forward and has curricula that are modern as well as internationally recognised.

How do I register with SBS?

To apply and register online, download the registration form, complete it, and submit it with the required documents to the appropriate email address. Please note that each qualification has its own recipient email address: Higher Certificates: hcmnewreg@sbs.ac.za. Diploma: dmnnewreg@sbs.ac.za.

Who qualifies for Higher Certificate?

To achieve a Higher Certificate Pass, the learner should meet the following requirements: The learner must achieve at least 40% for their Home Language subject. The learner must achieve at least 40% in two other subjects excluding Life Orientation. The learner must achieve at least 30% in any other three subjects.

Is business management hard to study?

Generally, a business degree is not hard. Most of the classes in a business degree are quite easy, simple, and straightforward. The difficulty of a business degree depends on the compulsory core classes offered by your college, the advanced courses you choose, and the overall difficulty of your university.

Do you need pure maths to study business management?

No, you require Mathematics if you wish to study in the Commerce Faculty. What are my options if I have Maths Literacy, but want a career in the field of Commerce? If you are studying Mathematics Literacy at school you may want to apply to another Faculty, such as Humanities, where Mathematics is not a requirement.

What is the difference between a diploma and a certificate?

Generally, certificate programs are shorter than diploma programs. Certificate programs typically take anywhere between three months and three years to complete. Many take only a few months from start to finish to receive your certificate. In contrast, diploma programs take between one and three years to complete.

Does business management require maths literacy?

For Business, Finance and Management, Maths and Maths Literacy is compulsory. Complementary subjects such as Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Computer Application Technology (CAT) or Information Technology are recommended for this area

Is Southern Business School accredited by NQA?

One of the academic institutions who combats this and offers genuine certifications and accreditations is the Southern Business School Namibia. Its qualifications are recognised by the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA).

What is diploma management?

Diploma in Management is a full-time course that focuses on management fundamentals. Diploma in Management focuses primarily on key management topics such as HR management, marketing management, finance management, accounting, communication skills, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship and other elective subjects.

Do you graduate for higher certificate?

It provides you with the basic introductory knowledge, critical thinking skills and practical techniques in the chosen field of study. After obtaining a Higher Certificate, graduates may apply for admission to a Diploma in similar or related field of study as stipulated by the University.