History Education at Business School of Excellence Namibia

History Education at Business School of Excellence Namibia

What is History Education?

History Education is a degree that teaches students not only History, but provides the tools to become good educators. A good history teacher explain facts and demonstrates the significance of past events to help students understand how history is relevant to the present.


The study of history of education helps teachers in training to appreciate the various aspects of their past educational process so as to link them to the present; 2. It enables teachers in training to know what type of education we had and the purpose it served in the past; 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the study of history education?

History of Education could be defined as: The study of the past development of educational systems, theories, practices and institutions within the general historical framework of political, social, economic, scientific, technological and cultural changes that different societies have gone through over time.

Why is it important for teacher to know the history of education?

A look at the past helps us to understand current trends in the educational system, and to establish a knowledge base for analyzing its successes and shortcomings.

What is history Short answer?

History is the study of change over time, and it covers all aspects of human society. Political, social, economic, scientific, technological, medical, cultural, intellectual, religious and military developments are all part of history.

What is the best definition of history?

Thus the best and most concise definition of history is: The bodies of knowledge about the past produced by historians, together with everything that is involved in the production, communication of, and teaching about that knowledge.

What is history in your own words?

History is the study of the past – specifically the people, societies, events and problems of the past – as well as our attempts to understand them. It is a pursuit common to all human societies.

What is history and its importance?

Through history, we can learn how past societies, systems, ideologies, governments, cultures and technologies were built, how they operated, and how they have changed. The rich history of the world helps us to paint a detailed picture of where we stand today.

What are the scope of history of education?

The scope of the History of Education embraces the description, elaboration, and analysis of the formal, informal and non-formal aspects of education.

What is a meaning of education?

Education is both the act of teaching knowledge to others and the act of receiving knowledge from someone else. Education also refers to the knowledge received through schooling or instruction and to the institution of teaching as a whole. Education has a few other senses as a noun.

Why is history called history?

The short version is that the term history has evolved from an ancient Greek verb that means “to know,” says the Oxford English Dictionary’s Philip Durkin. The Greek word historia originally meant inquiry, the act of seeking knowledge, as well as the knowledge that results from inquiry.

What is history one sentence?

Answer in one line: the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. History also means the whole series of past happenings related with a particular person or period.

What is the relationship between education and history?

Education incorporates moving forward and transformation, history enables the discovery of the evolutionary meaning of humanity and simultaneously brings the guarantee of future, documenting and presenting the past under the modality of process.

What is history an essay?

It is a research, a narrative, or an account of past events and developments that are commonly related to a person, an institution, or a place. It is a branch of knowledge that records and analyzes…show more content… Focusing on the people involved in a time, place, and series of events makes history.

Why is the study of history important essay?

History helps us understand change. It records and helps people understand successes and failures. Through these studies people can learn about change and how others are affected by it. It shows patterns of behaviour or events in the past and their outcome which can help us avoid similar outcomes in the future.

What are the aims of history?

Understand the methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used rigorously to make historical claims, and discern how and why contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past have been constructed.

Who invented history?

Herodotus is known as the Father of History, but he was much more than that. He was also the world’s first travel writer, a pioneering geographer, anthropologist, explorer, moralist, tireless investigative reporter and enlightened multiculturalist before the word existed.