Horse Mackerel Suppliers in Namibia

Horse Mackerel Suppliers in Namibia

What is Horse Mackerel ?

The Atlantic horse mackerel, also known as the European horse mackerel or common scad, is a species of jack mackerel in the family Carangidae, which includes the jacks, pompanos and trevallies. It is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean off Europe and Africa and into the south-eastern Indian Ocean.

Horse Mackerel Suppliers in Namibia

NAMSOV has been engaged in the horse mackerel fishing industry in Namibia since 1990 and is a large supplier of quality horse mackerel.

Frequently Asked Question

How much is mackerel in namibia?

The retail price range in Rand for mackerel is between NAD 19.43 and NAD 58.29 per kilogram or between NAD 8.81 and NAD 26.43 per pound(lb) in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

Where do you find Horse mackerel?

The Atlantic horse mackerel occurs in the north and eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. In the Atlantic it is found from Norway to South Africa where it may extend around the Cape of Good Hope along the southern African Indian Ocean coast Maputo in Mozambique.

Is Horse mackerel the same as mackerel?

Horse mackerel are not real mackerel at all, belonging to a family of fish called carangidae made up of jacks and trevallies. They form large shoals over sandy bottomed ground, often schooling with herring or (actual) mackerel. There are two main stocks of Atlantic horse mackerel.

What is the other name for horse mackerel?

Horse Mackerel Scientific name

Common names for species vary depending on the region and include horse mackerels, jack mackerels, scads, and saurels. Within this family, most species belong to the genera Trachurus or Caranx.

What is the stock of horse mackerel?

Horse mackerel in the north east Atlantic is considered to be separated into three stocks: the North Sea, the Southern and the Western stocks.

Why is it called horse mackerel?

The common name, horse mackerel, comes from the old Dutch word Horsmakreel. This means a mackerel that spawns on a ‘hors’, which is a shallow area in the sea or a bank. The English took the name and called the fish horse mackerel.

Which type of mackerel is the best?

Atlantic and Atka mackerel from Alaska are high in inflammation-fighting omega-3s and low in mercury, but not all mackerel get a thumbs-up. King mackerel, from the Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, has a high mercury content. Zumpano suggests limiting Spanish mackerel as well due to mercury concerns.

Which mackerel fish is best?

The Bangada fish or Indian mackerel is a popular fish that people commonly use in various seafood recipes across the globe. This fish is low in calories and is a good option if you’re into health and fitness. One of the best things about this tasty fish is that it is reasonably priced and so, well-loved by everyone.

What is horse mackerel in English?

Horse mackerel is a vague vernacular term for a range of species of fish throughout the English-speaking world. It is commonly applied to pelagic fishes, especially of the Carangidae (jack mackerels and scads) family, most commonly those of the genera Trachurus or Caranx.

What is the maximum weight of mackerel?

Typical size for a mature fish is 30 cm (0.98 ft), but individuals have been caught as large as 60 cm (2.0 ft). The maximum published weight is 3.4 kg (7.5 lb). Reproduction, which is oviparous, occurs near the shore in the spring and summer, during which a female can produce as many as 450,000 eggs.