Horses For Sale in Namibia

Horses For Sale in Namibia

What is a Horse?

The horse is a domesticated, one-toed, hoofed mammal. It belongs to the taxonomic family Equidae and is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature, close to Eohippus, into the large, single-toed animal of today.

Horses For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 1 horse sell for?

Price Ranges Based On Some Popular Horses Breeds

Horse BreedsPrice RangeAmount Of Horses
American Paint Horse$1-$40,0001549
Arabian$500- $75,0001097

Are there horses in Namibia?

The home range of the Namib Desert horse reaches north in the Namib Desert to the Koichab River, usually dry, and west to the Great Escarpment. Bands of horses range together, consisting of as few as two animals, although there are generally more.

How many horses are in Namibia?

Namibia—a vast country of over 825,000 square kilometers with a population of less than 2.6 million people—may not be the place that springs to mind when one thinks of wild horses. But the country, or more specifically its famous Namib Desert, is home to an estimated 90 – 150 of them.

Where did the wild horses in Namibia come from?

The Namib horses are descended from the Kubub stud farm breeding horses, established at the beginning of the twentieth century, only 35km from where they are today. The farm was abandoned during World War One, leaving the unfenced and ownerless horses to follow the grazing.

Where can I find wild horses in Namibia?

the Namib Desert

They roam the sparsely vegetated plains of the Namib Desert in small groups: the Wild Horses. Over the decades they have conquered the desert as their habitat. They come to drink from the trough at Garub, some 20 km west of Aus.

Where is the horse capital of the world?


Lexington is the Horse Capital of the World, center of the Thoroughbred breeding universe and home to the Kentucky Horse Park, as well as the historic Keeneland Racecourse.

How long can a horse go without water in the desert?

Most sources say that a horse can only live about three days, possibly up to six days, without water. Major health problems can start in 48 hours (or less).

Where is the best place to live with horses?

Best Equestrian Communities in the United States

CommunityStateCost of Living
Red LedgesUtahSlightly lower than the national average
Rarity BayTennesseeAround 10% lower than the national average
Grande PinesNorth CarolinaLow compared to other areas
OcalaFloridaSlightly lower than the national average

How long do horses live?

25 – 30 years

What do horses drink?

An idle, 1,100-pound horse in a cool environment will drink 6 to 10 gallons of water per day. That amount may increase to 15 gallons per day in a hot environment. Work horses require 10-18 gallons of water per day on average but could require much more in hot weather.