How Much is Gotv in Namibia

How Much is Gotv in Namibia

What is Gotv?

GOtv is a digital terrestrial television platform known for the affordable entertainment it brings to customers. GOtv. Showmax is an internet-based subscription Video-on-demand service.

How much is a GOtv decoder in Namibia?

The current single price offer of N$499 includes a GOtv decoder, GOtenna (outdoor antenna) and 1 month’s free subscription to GOtv Plus. “We at GOtv are constantly innovating to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible digital television to the people of Namibia.

How much is GOtv per month in Namibia?

GOtv Namibia is your home of local African content, filled with culture, drama and laughter. Stay connected to GOtv Max for as little as N$215 per month: !

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is GOtv plus still available?

With that in mind, GOtv customers should get ready to do away with the old and embrace the new because GOtv Value and GOtv Plus bouquets will be phased out by the 1st of JUNE 2020. This means that by next month, GOtv Value & Plus bouquets will no longer be available on GOtv for you to subscribe.

Why is my Gotv suspended?

When you notice that your GoTV is showing account suspended, you probably have renewed your subscription while your decoder was off. Rebooting your decoder will correct this error and once it’s on again, it should be able to reflect your new subscription.

Is there any free channel on GOtv?

GoTv is a subscription based service hence it is impossible to watch gotv channels for free. They have various packages with prices proportional to the the number of channels you get but are slightly less expensive than dstv.

Why is my GoTV not working after payment?

Sometimes after payment, your GOtv will not show any channel, it’s because their system failed to reactivate your account automatically, what you do is to clear the errors or reconnect your account. The good news is that there is a web portal where customers can easily clear errors and reconnect to GOtv after payment.

How do I reactivate my suspended Gotv account?

Call Dstv / Gotv customer care numbers basing on your country. One of the last alternative ways to have your account re-activated from the suspended mode is to call the customer service help numbers. Explain your error to them and they will do a remote reset from their end.

Does GoTV plus have Channel 29?

Gotv Plus plan. Simply ensure you have an active subscription on your GoTV and tune in to channel 29 on GoTV.

Does GOtv use HDMI?

GoTV decoders unfortunately don’t yet have HDMI ports. In some cases you’ll find a coder with both HDMI and composite AV ports. Now your TV must also have an HDMI port if you’re going to connect your decoder to the TV via HDMI.

Does New GOtv comes with free subscription?

it comes with one month free subscription which is activated immediately after purchase. the package contains: one gotv decoder + one month gotvmax free subscription. Gotv is a pay tv service that deploys it’s services with dvb-t2 which is the latest digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

Should GOtv antenna be on or off?

Gotv antenna power should be off during installation or scanning as prescribed by Multichoice. So, whenever you are installing a Gotv decoder, you should ensure the power is turned off during the scanning process.

How do I update my GOtv decoder software?

You may perform a manual software upgrade by: Follow this procedure. Pull out the power cable, then hold the P+ button and return the power cable while still holding the P+ button. Once you see a green light flickering on the decoder, release the P+ button and wait for the green light to stop flickering.

Why is my GOtv remote not working?

If the GOtv decoder not responding to remote issue surfaces, check whether the batteries in your remote control have enough power. You can also check to ensure that you have not inserted the batteries in opposite terminals. Another solution is to power cycle the decoder or reset it and try again.

How do I connect my Gotv to my Smart TV?

Below are the right steps to connect Gotv decoder to TV set.

Connect the coaxial cable from the antenna to the RF input. Connect HDMI cable from your plasma television to the HDMI output of the Gotv decoder. Use the Jack to AV out cable for video output to an old TV set.

Which is better GOtv or DStv?

Well, the difference between DSTV and GOTv is the technology used in transmitting their TV signals. DSTV deploys a satellite based technology while GoTV uses the DVB-T2 technology, a novel digital terrestrial broadcast technology. Unlike DSTV, GoTv offers many exciting local and international channels for less.

Is GOtv decoder HD?

Newer GOtv decoders are full HD (1080i) same as DStv decoders. The tiebreaker in all this is the number of HD channels DStv offers as opposed to GOtv.

Does the new GOtv decoder has HDMI port?

New GOtv decoder comes with jack to AV out cable and it’s very difficult to connect it to two TV set. Moreover there’s no HDMI port on the decoder. With this type of decoders you are required to use some tricks to get it linked to two TV set.

How do I reset my GOtv?

Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname. Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error” Clear the E16 error. Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

Is startime better than GOtv?

StarTimes has more channels and interesting content offering than GOtv. Most of all channels and content you watch on GOtv are on StarTimes and cheaper on StarTimes.