How Much Is Gotv Max In Namibia

How Much Is Gotv Max In Namibia

What is Gotv Max?

The channels were originally launched on the 1st of November 2017. Since that period up until now, the total number of channels has been increased from 50 to 91. Some of the sports channels and movie channels are exclusive to the GOtv Max package.

This is the price of Gotv Max in Namibia

MultiChoice Namibia has introduced the new package GOtv Max for its DTT service. It comes with four new channels: Sony Max, SuperSport Select Four, Fox Entertainment and CBS Reality. GOtv Max will be open to all users from 1 to 31 October. After that the package will cost NAD 190 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay my GOtv in Namibia?

The current single price offer of N$499 includes a GOtv decoder, GOtenna (outdoor antenna) and 1 month’s free subscription to GOtv Plus. “We at GOtv are constantly innovating to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible digital television to the people of Namibia.

How much is GOtv per month in Namibia?

GOtv Namibia is your home of local African content, filled with culture, drama and laughter… Stay connected to GOtv Max for as little as N$215 per month: !

What is the new name for GOtv plus in Namibia?

Naija! It’s time to leave old for NEW. Effective 1st June, GOtv Value & GOtv Plus bouquets will be phased out and customers migrated to the brand new GOtv JINJA & GOtv JOLLI. And yes, if you SWITCH to the new packages ‘GOtv JINJA or GOtv JOLLI’ this MONTH (before 31st May)

How do I upgrade to GOtv Max in Namibia?

Another method is to visit the Head office and inform the Customer service that you wish to upgrade your bouquet to Gotv Max and this will be done instantaneously for you after paying the sum of 3800. Just go home and start enjoying your Entertainment offered to you by Gotv Max.

How much is the GOtv decoder?

The GoTV package comes with a decoder, an antenna popularly called Gotenna and a one-month free subscription. GoTV decoders cost between N9,000 and N9,500 depending on the place and period of purchase.

The GoTV package comes with a decoder, an antenna popularly called Gotenna and a one-month free subscription. GoTV decoders cost between N9,000 and N9,500 depending on the place and period of purchase.

How many channels are on GOtv value in Namibia?

40 channels

How much does it cost to upgrade GOtv Max in Namibia?

GOtv customers on Jolli & Jinja can simply upgrade to GOtv Max by paying N2,999.

Are there free channels on GOtv in Namibia?

GOTV has launched additional three Free-to-Air, FTA, channels on its platform. The newly launched channels are Rivers State Television (RStv) on channel 103, Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) on channel 104 and Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) on channel 105.

How do I get more channels on GOtv?

  • Press “Menu” on your remote.
  • Select “Advanced Options”.
  • Then select “Installation”.
  • Select “Tuning”.
  • Then select “Automatic Scan” and press the “OK” button.
  • Press the exit button on the remote once scanning is completed.

How can I upgrade my GOtv Max after payment in Namibia?

How to Change Your GoTV Package (Upgrade or Downgrade) Go to the GoTV self service page and log in using your phone number, IUC number and surname. Then follow the link on your dashboard where you will be asked to pay the amount of money that you need for the package you want to pay.

How much is new GOtv now in Namibia?

GOtv offers two pay bouquets, namely the GOtv standard package, which offers 25 channels and goes for N1,250 per month and GOtv Plus package, which has 38 channels is priced at N1,800 monthly.

What is GOtv Jinja package in Namibia?

With GOtv Jinja Package, You can get over 57+ TV and 2 Audio channels of the best in local TV on GOtv Jinja Package, . Other GOtv Packages are GOtv Smallie Package, GOtv Jolli Package, GOtv Max Package.

How do I know if my GOtv subscription is successful in Namibia?

  • Navigate to your SMS menu on your phone to create one.
  • Type ” Balance” leave a space followed by IUC number or smart card number and then forward to 4688.
  • You will get a response containing the details you seek.

Does New GOtv comes with free subscription?

it comes with one month free subscription which is activated immediately after purchase. the package contains: one gotv decoder + one month gotvmax free subscription. gotv is a pay tv service that deploys it’s services with dvb-t2 which is the latest digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

Does GOtv have HD decoder in Namibia?

In the video output category, both DStv and GOtv are a tie. Newer GOtv decoders are full HD (1080i) same as DStv decoders.