How To Become A Pilot In Namibia

How To Become A Pilot In Namibia

Who is a Pilot?

An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Some other aircrew members, such as navigators or flight engineers, are also considered aviators, because they are involved in operating the aircraft’s navigation and engine systems.

How To Become A Pilot In Namibia

  • Meet all of the requirements as for the Private Pilot Course.
  • Be the holder of an ICAO state PPL.
  • Must have passed a class 1 medical assessment.
  • Must be not less than 18 years of age; an upper age limit of 24 years of age is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Namibian pilots earn?

A person working as a Pilot in Namibia typically earns around 29,000 NAD per month. Salaries range from 14,800 NAD (lowest) to 44,600 NAD (highest).

What subjects do you need to become a pilot in Namibia?

To pursue Aviation as a career, you need to opt for science stream – Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry being compulsory subjects.

How many years does it take to become a pilot in Namibia?

It takes 3 months to become a pilot and earn your private pilot license. To become an airline pilot, it takes just over two years to gain the required 1,500 hours flight time.

Is pilot study hard in Namibia?

Training to be an airline pilot is hard,” Chloe added, “and a certain level of intelligence is needed but my advice to all those that may feel discouraged upon hearing this: we’re all normal, yet diligent and motivated people. There are also presentations from major airlines and trainers.

Is height required for pilot in Namibia?

As per the Physical and Medical standard set by the Indian Air Force, the minimum height required for the Male candidate is 152 cm. While the minimum height required for the Female candidate is 148 cm.

Do pilots fly for free in Namibia?

Yes, as a perk of the job most pilots have access too heavily discounted or even free flights. It varies between airlines and across countries but it is generally accepted that pilots and their friends or family get access to cheap flight tickets.

Is pilot a good career in Namibia?

Pilot career is one of the finest, exciting & most rewarding career all over the globe. Pilots are responsible for the safety of all crew and passengers on board during the flight. In the private sector, they typically fly smaller planes such as light aircraft or jets.

Why do student pilots quit in Namibia?

The reasons can almost be anything, from not seeing any progress in their flying, to losing their Instructor to an airline job, or even something happening that’s caused them to have to take some time away from flying. Some students lose their motivation because they haven’t soloed yet.

Which type of pilot is best in Namibia?

The airline transport pilot (ATP) is the most advanced pilot certificate one can obtain, and it’s necessary for those who want to fly commercial airliners for a living. All commercial airlines now require a pilot applicant to have an ATP certificate.

Can I become a pilot without maths in Namibia?

In most of the Flying Academies, the Physics and Maths are the mandatory requirements at class 12th level for CPL. However, other courses like Student pilot and PPL can be done on the basis of class 10th. However, other courses like Student pilot and PPL can be done on the basis of class 10th.

Can a girl become a pilot in Namibia?

YES, a female can become a pilot. There is a presence of female pilots since the 1970s. There was a time when people used to think becoming a pilot is not a thing for women. Those days are long gone because today, the aviation industry has more female pilots than ever before.

Is it easy to become a pilot in Namibia?

However, becoming a pilot is as realistic as any other profession. We can all agree that no profession is easy nor difficult but when it comes to flying, it’s not for everyone. If you have a phobia of heights, anxiety and other conditions that stop you from being calm then this profession may not be for you.

Do pilots have time for family in Namibia?

Yes, being a pilot more than often means that you’ll have to spend a night or two…or a couple away from home, but it also means that when you are off you will be there all the time, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

How many days off do pilots get in Namibia?

15 days is approximately the average. There isn’t necessarily a set amount of days off a pilot takes a week, but it usually amounts to 2-3 days off weekly.19

Do pilots get to travel a lot in Namibia?

While pilots travel often, it isn’t always fun to do alone. Being an airline pilot, it is likely that you will have access to discounted (and sometimes free) plane tickets for family and friends, which means good deals on great vacations. And in addition to airfare, a number of hotels provide discounted prices as well!