About the Institute of Bankers Namibia (IOB)

About the Institute of Bankers Namibia (IOB)



Established in 1988 as the professional and educational body for the banking and the financial services industry in Namibia, the Institute is the leader in providing industry-focused training programs and certifications. The Institute is the only national association devoted exclusively to representing and advancing the interests of the banking community throughout Namibia.

Namibian registered banks inject billions of Namibia dollars each year into the economies of major cities across the country through the direct employment of over 3000 employees, as well as through other operating and capital expenditures.

IOB has emerged as a premier institute in banking education for those employed as well as seeking employment in the sector, aiming for professional excellence. Since inception, the Institute through its qualifications has educated numerous members and awarded several banking qualifications, viz., Certificates and Diplomas in specialized areas and helped them to sustain their professionalism through professional qualifications.

The objects and powers of the IoB are:

1.to provide opportunities for students to acquire a knowledge on the theory and practice of banking;

2.to facilitate the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to financial institutions

3.to take any measures which may be considered desirable to further the interests of banking and financial institutions and persons associated with banking and financial institutions;

4.to provide facilities for the teaching of banking qualifications in order to promote banking as a career and profession in Namibia

Vision of the Institute

To be a preferred banking and financial services qualification provider in Namibia

Mission of the Institute

To be a leading provider of qualifications in the banking and financial services sector