International Training College Lingua : General Admission Regulations

International Training College Lingua : General Admission Regulations

Registration as a Student & General Regulations

Students shall annually prior to the commencement of their studies, enroll as students of the International Training College Lingua by completing the registration form in full, thereby binding themselves to the rules of this institution  and undertaking to pay prescribed fees.

Students shall provide authentic documents as proof that all the admission requirements have been met for the course of study for which he/she wishes to enroll. The following authentic documents should be submitted together with the students’ application for registration:

  • Last school report  and other relevant educational documents
  • ID/ Birth Certificate
  • Two (2) Passport Photos
  • Curriculum Vitae

Registration as a Special Student

A person who does not wish to enroll for an approved certificate, diploma or advanced diploma course, but is only interested in a specific subject or subjects, or a person who does not meet the minimum requirements, may register as a special student (for non certificate/diploma purposes) provided that he/she:

  • Has the ability to understand, read and write English
  • Should have attended and has written the grade 10 examinations or the equivalent thereof
  • Completes the prescribed application form
  • Registers as a special student and pays the prescribed fees
  • Submits proof of registration to the relevant lecturer(s)
    Obtains the written permission of the Head of Institution  to attend the class(es)

Registration Dates

Student registration will take place in accordance with the registration dates as obtained in the calendar. Prospective students must make sure of the dates, times and venues of registration. Students must abide by the registration programme and relevant deadline.

Subject/ Course Amendments and Termination of Study

Subject and course amendments are normally allowed until three weeks after commencement of lectures. In respect of each subject and /or course amendment –

  • the written approval of the Head of Institution/ Head of Department concerned must be obtained; and
  • in the case of a student who wishes to terminate a subject or course, the Head of Institution/ Head of Administration must be notified in writing.
  • all course amendment and application for termination of studies should be completed on the prescribed forms obtained from the Administration Office
  • the date on which such written notification (on prescribed form : termination of studies) is received will be deemed as official date for the cancellation of the relevant subject(s) or course
Timetable Clashes

A student is responsible for selecting his/ her subjects for a particular mode of study (in the case of repeating a subject) in such a way that these can be accommodated within the existing lecturing timetable. In the event of a clash due to a subject being repeated, the student will be required to re-register for the repeated subject on Full-Time/ Part-Time or Distance Study mode.

Class Attendance/ Absence from Lectures and Tests

Attendance at Lectures

Lectures are presented at the reasonable discretion of the relevant lecturers within the prescriptions and policy regarding tuition and training of the institution, International Training College Lingua

Students shall attend all lectures, group sessions, seminars, practical classes and excursions. Students are expected to attend lectures regularly and do the required assignments, tests and examinations.

Attendance at lectures can be considered in the calculation of a students’ semester/ year mark.

Procedures on Absence from Lectures

  1. When absent from lectures due to official journeys, the students or students’ group must make prior application to the Head of Institution for approval.  This application will be referred to the rest of the management for confirmation.
  2. When absent  from lectures due to illness of the student, death of close relative or other circumstances beyond the control of the student , written proof (medical certificate/ death certificate, etc ) must be produced .
  3. Students should note that the reasons such as over sleeping, car trouble, lift problems, etc. will not be considered as valid reasons for missing tests/ classes/examinations.
  4. Full-time/Part-time jobs: Regulations

Students who are employed will be expected to register as part-time students or distance students. Part-time courses are all offered in the evening after 17h00. Provision will be made for students who engage in work commitments during lectures which could interfere with their studies, e.g. Job-related courses (local & abroad), out-of–town work, etc.

Recognition of Prior Learning

General Regulations

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) of International Training College Lingua is a process of assessing the knowledge and skills of a person against a qualification or part thereof. The process involves the identification, assessment and acknowledgement of knowledge and skills obtained through informal, non-formal and / or formal learning.

In an RPL process the emphasis is usually placed on learning that took place in the workplace and through experience gained on the job. There may also be a focus on learning in community activities, in short courses or in-house training and in self- directed study. Such learning may be of great value, but not normally recognized. RPL provides an opportunity for you to identify the learning, have it assessed and formally acknowledged.

Recognition of Courses of Other Institutions

The College may, upon recommendation of the concerned Department, grant recognition for examinations and/or courses completed successfully at other institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education – NQA (Namibia Qualifications Authority).

Such recognition shall be granted on merit as judged against the following criteria:

  1. There is at least 80% overlap between the content of the two courses concerned. That is, the one presented for recognition and the one for which recognition is requested.
  2. The Institution at which the course was completed is recognized by the relevant authorities in Namibia.
  3. The academic standard and the standard of assessment in the course are to the satisfaction of the Department
  4. The curriculum of the course presented has not changed significantly since the completion of the course

Recognition of Non-Certified Prior Learning

A registered student of the International Training College –Lingua may apply for the recognition of competencies gained through experience for the purpose of gaining credit for a course or courses that form part of the program that he/she is registered for.

Students wishing to apply for such recognition of prior learning should do so in writing indicating clearly the course(s) that they wish to be assessed for, and should pay the prescribed fees (please see ). Such candidates should construct a portfolio of evidence of the learning and present this to the relevant Head of Department will be forwarded to the Head of the Institution who will make the final decision based on the assessment of Prior Learning on his/her portfolio of evidence presented.