About International Training College Lingua (ITCL)

About International Training College Lingua (ITCL)

History and Background

International Training College – Lingua (also known as Lingua Consultancy Services) was established in 2001 with the aim to provide Language Training, other Educational Training & Consultancy Services to both the public (individuals, institutions, etc.) and the Private Sector.

The College has enjoyed a rapid growth from its humble beginnings when only languages were taught. Today, we do not only teach Namibian languages but also Foreign Languages but have included in our Programmes a complete Travel & Tourism (Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma); Department of Business Management; Department of Communication and Secretarial Studies and Department of Information Technology.  Other  milestones  include  the  10th   Anniversary  of  the  College  in  2012,  the acquisition of more space for classes, bursaries offered by International Training College Lingua, loans/bursaries by the NSFAF (Namibian Government) and other private companies.

An accredited institution by the Ministry of Education in Namibia – Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), this  Institution strives  to  meet national  demands  through  quality  teaching,  research  and consultancy services.


International Training College – Lingua is an engaged and people-centered College that serves the needs of its diverse communities by contributing to sustainable development through excellent academic programmes, research and service delivery.

To this end, we shall seek:

to  commit  ourselves  to  being  a  student-centered  college  by  providing  a  supportive  learning environment and opportunities that recognize the diverse aspirations and needs of our students

  1. to assist educationally disadvantaged students gain access to higher education and succeed in their studies;
  2. to give each student trained by us, an opportunity to achieve his/her full potential through appropriate training
  3. to provide access for a broad spectrum of students
  4. to commit itself to transformation, equity, diversity and lifelong learning
  5. to provide a caring working environment and opportunities to staff for continuous development
  6. to co-operate fully with other stakeholders to develop an excellent and, therefore, transformed higher education system.


Our vision as a value-driven college is to be the leader in optimizing the potential of our communities towards sustainable development in Africa.

 To achieve our vision, we must be  characterized by:

  1. Academic excellence
  2. An enduring value system
  3. Successful transformation processes that redress past inequalities
  4. A diverse range of relevant academic programmes informed by the need for sustainable development
  5. A constructive contribution to the human development of our communities.

Having attained our vision we will be able to:

  1. Contribute to the transformation and development of our communities in terms of the full spectrum of their needs
  2. Empower our institution, graduates and communities to contribute and compete both locally and internationally.