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International Training College – Lingua Department of Travel and Tourism

The Department offers Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Travel and Tourism.


The Certificate in Tourism provides a broad understanding of the Tourism industry in Namibia and elsewhere in the world. The programme is intended to reflect both the Namibian and International Tourism Nature and the culture-specific activities that are essential to meet customer needs. The strong focus on Tourism development in Namibia is envisaged as a growth point with job creation and employment opportunities. The qualification creates opportunities for individuals entering the job market in the Tourism & Hospitality industry as part of this sector. The qualification provides a solid industry related foundation, availing opportunities for the individual to enter this employment sector with the applicable background and skills in order to embark on a variety of career choices in this industry.


The purpose of the Diploma in Tourism is to provide candidates with the necessary underpinning knowledge and practical skills required to be employed in the tourism industry. A student who has obtained this qualification will be capable of combining a range of skills in Tourism and knowledge of Namibian tourism issues to contribute positively towards incoming tourists in Namibia

The tourism industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry. The industry can make a meaningful contribution to the development of the Namibia’s economy in terms of jobs and foreign exchange revenue. In order to compete with international destinations, we have to become more consumer orientated with regard to customer service, marketing and promotion of tourism. The programme aims at increasing awareness of what products are available in the various regions and how to ensure that tourists’ experiences are unique and memorable.

Holders of this qualification are able to analyze the impact of the interrelationship and interdependence between the sectors and sub-sectors of the tourism industry regarding service delivery, can discuss the promotion of domestic tourism and the benefits of tourism, and suggest ways to improve accessibility to all Namibians. Finally, candidates can report on the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required to function successfully in the tourism industry.

Advanced Diploma

The purpose of the qualification is to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to be employed in the Travel and Tourism industry. This programme aims to provide candidates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to operations management or services management at a junior supervisory level in the Travel and Tourism industry. This programme will provide candidates specialising in tourism in their final year of studies with a qualification that equips them to enter a wide range of career options within the growth area of tourism. The qualification will provide the basis for further development of the candidate at a later stage into management areas within the tourism industry.


Admission into this programme is as follows:

  • Should have been a candidate in grade 12
  • Should have numeracy and literacy skills at least at NQF level 3
  • Must possess the ability to analyze, interpret and critically evaluate written and verbal information.


The learning content of this programme consists of the following modules:



YEAR 3 (DIPLOMA) (formerly Advanced Diploma)

  • Computer Studies 1
  • Customer Service 1
  • Developing a Visitor Attraction
  • Eco-tourism
  • English for Tourism Purposes
  • Marketing 1
  • French 1/ German 1/ Portuguese 1 (Only 1 Language) – Optional
  • Presentation of Tourism Products and Services
  • Reservation and Ticketing
  • Tourism Industry 1
  • Tourism Geography 1


  • Business Systems
  • Customer Service 2
  • Developing a Local Tourism Destination
  • Marketing 2
  • People Development
  • Related Tourism Services
  • Tourism Geography 2
  • Tourism Industry 2
  • Tour Guiding Skills


  • Customer Service 3
  • Financial Control
  • Managing Operations and Information
  • Managing People
  • Marketing 3
  • Tourism Industry 3
  • Internship
  • Project
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