International University of Management Bachelor in Digital Communication Technology Honours

International University of Management Bachelor in Digital Communication Technology Honours

What is Bachelor in Digital Communication Technology Honours?

Digital communication is any type of communication that relies on the use of technology. There are many types of digital communication, commonly referred to as digital communication channels. These include email, phone calls, video conferencing, and many types of instant messaging like SMS and web chats.


A bachelor’s degree in communication introduces undergraduates to topics like technical communication, mass communication, and public relations. The degree uses assignments and projects to strengthen students’ interpersonal and critical-thinking skills while building strong communication abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a degree in digital communication?

  • Social Media Specialist.
  • Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Web Platform Developer.
  • Public Relations Practitioner.
  • Media Campaign Planner.
  • Customer Relationship Manager.

What is a career in Digital Communications?

Careers in Web and Digital Communications involve creating, designing and producing interactive multimedia products and services, including development of digitally-generated or computer-enhanced media used in business, training, entertainment, communications and marketing.

What is a degree in communication technology?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a distance education degree completion program. The program focuses on the knowledge and experience that is required to design, implement and manage a variety of information systems.

Is a digital communications degree worth it?

Yes, a communication degree is worth it for many students. Media and communication jobs are projected to grow at a rate of 4% in the next 10 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Common careers in this field include film and video editors, announcers, public relations, news reporters, and authors.

Is communications a good career?

A broad field like communication offers an enormous range of career opportunities. Though the choices are broad, they are all built on the bedrock of creativity. Creative professionals enjoy some of the highest job satisfaction rates.

Is a communications degree a BA or BS?

For example, majors in English, history, and communications typically earn a BA. Alternatively, a BS includes science and math majors such as chemistry, computer science, and environmental science. BA and BS students must both earn at least 120 credits to complete their bachelor’s degree.

What do communication technicians do?

A communications technician uses their knowledge on a wide range of electronics to set up, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair electronics. This can include such devices as tablets, phones, printers, laptops, and more complicated pieces of equipment.

Is a communications degree useless?

A communication degree is not useless. It is a broad field of study that encompasses written, spoken, and visual communication. These skills can be applied to fields such as marketing, public relations, and social media work. So a communication degree is not worthless at all!

Is communications a hard major?

Communications is just as hard as any other major. But these people mistakenly confuse this with enjoyment. Yes, studying Communications is hard, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it, no matter what their focus is.

Is digital media a good career?

For those who want several career options in a number of industries, a digital media degree may be a good choice. Digital media is the study of using creative strategies to communicate with others through modern media.

How long is a communications degree?

Traditionally, a 120-credit bachelor’s degree in communication takes a student about 4 years to complete.

Why is a communications degree important?

When you earn a communications degree, you learn foundational skills that can support you any role. Both verbal and written communication are skills that have been identified by employers as highly valuable. Earning a communications degree shows that you bring the right skills to the job.

Is a communications degree in arts or science?

Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts. Bachelor of Science degree programs in communication arts offer students the opportunity to delve into topics of public relations, organizational communication and media.

How do I become a telecommunication technician?

To become a telecommunications technician you usually have to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship in Telecommunications, Data and Voice Communications, Telecommunications Radio Communications, Telecommunications Network Engineering or Telecommunications Networks Technology.

Do communication majors write a lot of papers?

If you’re interested in declaring communication as your major, you better be willing and able to write a wide variety of papers — research papers, argumentative essays, creative writing, and more.