International University of Management PhD in Business Administration

International University of Management PhD in Business Administration

What is PhD in Business Administration?

The Doctor of Business Administration is a professional doctorate awarded on the basis of advanced study, examinations, project work and research in business administration. The D.B.A. is a terminal degree in business administration. 

Entry Requirement

a. A Master’s Degree registered at NQF Level 9 in a relevant discipline.

b. Any qualification at NQF Level 8 in a related discipline plus either at least five years of work experience at a senior management or professional level plus the publication of a peer-reviewed paper(s) or other publication(s).

It is also a requirement that people entering into supervised learning leading to the award of this qualification have been recognized as having attained or shall undertake non-credit bearing courses at NQF Level 8 or above relating to:

  • postgraduate report writing and academic writing in a variety of genre or styles
  • the proficient use of advanced qualitative research methods
  • the proficient use of advanced quantitative research methods and applications
  • the proficient use of information and communication technologies relevant to the analysis and presentation of data
  • understandings of ethical practices in research
  • awareness of current research practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any PhD in Business Administration?

A PhD in Business Administration is the highest degree you can achieve in business administration. With a PhD degree, you can attain teaching positions at most universities. The doctorate degree typically lasts for three to five years and is a scientific research degree.

What is a PhD in Business Administration Good For?

Graduates of a doctoral business administration program qualify for top executive positions in corporate management, finance, and marketing.

Can you do a PhD in business management?

The duration of PhD in Business Management is 3-years. This course includes subjects like Banking, Accounting seminar, Global marketing seminar, Theory of finance, Advanced accounting theory, Advanced accounting theory, Seminar in banking, Strategic information systems etc.

How long is a PhD in international business?

Most PhD degree programs in international business take three-to-four years to complete in a full-time capacity. Earning your PhD online and part time might take up to five years.

Can a DBA holder become a professor?

DBA student is prepared for upper management and executive position in research organisations, business firms, and other types of organisations. The degree holders may even become business professors and combine teaching with research in their area of expertise.

What’s the difference between MBA and DBA?

The primary distinction between the two is that an MBA is a general management overview degree, while a DBA is a more specific degree. A DBA informs and provides you with specialized, real-world skill sets, such as researching issues and presenting problem-solving methods related to a single area of interest.

Is DBA equivalent to PhD?

Both doctoral degrees PhD and DBA lead to a doctor’s title and are equal in status, standing and international acknowledgement.

Which PhD is best after MBA?

  • PhD in Management.
  • PhD in Organizational Behaviour/Management.
  • PhD in Behavioural Finance.
  • PhD in Applied Statistics.
  • PhD in Information Technology/Data Analytics.
  • PhD in Market Analysis and Research.

How long is a PhD in management?

Typically, the PhD in management takes 4–5 years to complete. The structure is usually 2 years of intensive coursework (core courses and seminars) followed by a comprehensive examination. The dissertation phase is typically 2–3 years.

Can we do PhD in international business?

With a Bachelor’s or Master’s in International Business, you can become a business development manager, data scientist, financial trader, sales executive, supply chain managers and others. View all PhDs in International Business. Keep in mind you can also study an online PhDs in International Business.

What is included in Business Administration?

Business administration majors learn the mechanics of business through classes in fundamentals such as finance, accounting and marketing and delve into more specialized topics. Students find ways to solve problems using data, and they develop communication and managerial skills.

How long is a DBA dissertation?

There is no prescribed minimum length for a doctoral dissertation as this will vary with the research topic and the form of presentation. However, there is a maximum prescribed length of 40 000 words. In general, it is expected that dissertation would not contain more than two hundred (200) pages in the main text.

Can a DBA graduate teach in university?

“Students of a DBA program most likely already work in industry and do not want to teach full-time in academia, although they may teach as adjunct professors.” students typically hope to become university professors, she says. DBA programs are intended to be more rigorous than MBA programs, experts say.

Is a PhD higher than an MBA?

The reason for this difference is because a doctorate is an advanced degree which aims to make you an expert in a specialised field. Because of this, a PhD is regarded as the higher professional qualification of the two.

Do I need an MBA to do a DBA?

Many students who earn an MBA see entering a Doctor of Business Administration program as the next logical step on their academic journey. But while many DBA students have earned an MBA, it’s not a requirement to do so.