International University of Management Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Nursing

International University of Management Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Nursing

What is Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Nursing?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Pediatric Care for Nurses is designed to enable nursing professionals to incorporate the advances that are taking place in the discipline, in addition to reviewing the most important aspects of emergency care for pediatric patients and their care.

Entry Requirement

The entry requirements to this qualification shall be:

  • Student must be in possession of a Bachelor Degree in Nursing (Level 7 or 8) or a Diploma in Comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery Science (4 years) Level 7.
  • Registered as a nurse and midwife with the Nursing Council of Namibia.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a registered nurse and midwife.
  • Recognition of prior learning will be considered where applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to be a Paediatric nurse?

You’ll need to do a degree level qualification to be a nurse so will usually need a minimum of five GCSEs (typically including maths, English language or literature and a science subject) at grades 5/4 (C) or above or equivalent level 2 qualification, then go on to take at least two A levels (eg including a subject .

What qualifications do I need to be a pediatric nurse?

Typically you’ll need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade 4/C or above, possibly in English language or literature and a science subject, plus two A levels or equivalent level 3 qualifications for an undergraduate degree. Some universities may ask for three A levels or equivalent.

What does a pediatric nurse do?

What does a pediatric nurse do? Pediatric nurses are registered nurses who specialize in caring for patients from birth through adolescence. They must have a deep knowledge of child growth and development as diseases and conditions in children often present and are treated differently than in adults.

Is Pediatric Nursing hard?

Pediatric nursing is much more difficult than other types of nursing due to the age and care that these young patients need. These nurses make their young patients’ a little less frightened by using their patience and warm personalities. Pediatric nurses may also have to work with patients who are critically ill.

How many years does it take to become a pediatric nurse?

The first step to becoming a pediatric nurse is earning your BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. If you have no prior nursing education or experience, a BSN program will take you about three to four years to complete.

Where do children’s nurses work?

Children’s nurses are employed by hospitals, NHS trusts, nursing agencies, health centres, charities/voluntary organisations, schools, private health care organisations, GP practices and residential homes.

What does a pediatric nurse do on a daily basis?

The pediatric nurse will discuss a child’s symptoms and medical history, provide initial care, administer prescribed medication, and monitor the patient’s progress. The pediatric nurse will also provide support to families and work with them to address their concerns, fears, problems, and options.

Do Pediatric nurses do surgery?

Working Conditions. Pediatric nurses work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, surgical centers and other health care settings.

What do pediatric nurses wear?

Like most medical and healthcare professionals, pediatric nurses most often wear scrubs. Scrubs are loose fitting and comfortable cotton shirts and pants that hospitals and clinics provide for their staff.

Is Paediatric nursing a good career?

Paediatric / Children’s nursing offers diverse career opportunities, great job satisfaction and endless learning possibilities. It can be challenging, sure, but rewarding and is a great career for an enthusiastic and caring team player.

Why did you choose pediatric nursing?

A natural rapport with children may be the most important reason to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse. Many pediatric nursing professionals have clever techniques for winning over their young patients.

Can a nurse become a doctor?

Can a nurse further to become a doctor? Yes, a registered nurse can become a doctor, but only after pursuing additional schooling, training and exams.