IUM Short Courses (CIIP)

IUM Short Courses (CIIP)

About the Center

The mission of the Centre for Improved Institutional Performance (CIIP) is to be a source or base for the improvement of institutional management performance. Underpinning this mission is the recognition of the need to improve professional management performance at all levels in the private and public sectors.

In pursuing this ideal and driven by good governance and integrity, the Centre will not only hone individual, group, and institutional by means of Career Development Programmes, consultancies, and commercial research, but will also significantly improve communication and bridge gaps between academics and managers of public and private sectors.

In addition, the Centre will run short courses/programmes and or internships in the principles and practice of management for graduates intending to enter the public and private sectors.

At IUM itself, the Centre will diligently run sessions/programmes for the Continuing Professional Development of its own academic, administrative and managerial staff throughout the year.

Functions of the Centre
The functions of the Centre are, inter alia, to:

  • Deliver Executive Development Training Programmes
  • Deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to IUM staf
  • Offer consultancy services in the improvement of organisational performance to industry, commerce and the private sector
  • Offer Commercial Research Services to both public and private organisations.

Courses offered