Jimmy For Sale in Namibia

Jimmy For Sale in Namibia

What is Jimmy?

To jimmy something is to force it open. If you lock yourself out, you can jimmy a window and climb inside your house. Or you could just use that key that’s hidden under a rock by the doo

Jimmy For Sale in Namibia

 AboutSuzuki Jimny. 06 446 2033. Filter whatsapp Call. 081 816 7128. Filter whatsapp Call. EngineN/A. GearboxManual. Mileage33,000 km.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Jimny gas or diesel?

The answer is simple: the Jimny is currently available in both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol version of the Jimny is powered by a 1.5L engine, which can produce 102 horsepower. Meanwhile, the diesel version of the Jimny is powered by a 1.5L DDiS engine, which can produce 101 horsepower.

Is Jimny a powerful car?

The Jimny produced 99.6 bhp of power and 125.07 Nm of torque during this test. These figures are slightly lower than Maruti Suzuki’s claimed power of 104.8 bhp and torque of 136.2 Nm for the Jimny’s 1.5-liter K15B four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine.

What is the cost of a Jimny?

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Price

12.74 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 15.05 Lakh. Maruti Jimny is offered in 6 variants – the base model of Jimny is Zeta and the top variant Maruti Jimny Alpha Dual Tone AT which comes at a price tag of Rs. 15.05 Lakh.

Is Suzuki Jimny economical?

The Suzuki Jimny is known for being an off-road vehicle ideal for warm climates and muddy roads and for its excellent fuel efficiency. Planning your road excursions with consideration for the Suzuki Jimny’s fuel consumption may result in time and money savings.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Jimny?

40 litres

What is the fuel tank capacity of Maruti Suzuki Jimny? Maruti Suzuki Jimny fuel tank capacity is 40 litres.

Does Suzuki Jimny have AC?

Maintaining the lowest temperature and first blower speed offers the best results.

Is Jimny good for long distance?

After driving this car, we realised that apart from being a fairly capable off-roader, it is also usable as a city car. However, we found it uncomfortable for highway use, even for occasional road trips. So, if you are considering the Jimny, we recommend buying it for recreational purpose with personal city commuting.

How fast can a Jimny go?

This is limited to 87mph flat out and accelerates even more slowly; fundamentally less efficient, the Jimny automatic is thirstier, noisier and costs more in tax and fuel alike.

Can Suzuki Jimny go off-road?

The vehicle is well built with a solid square form offering great off-road ability. The Jimny is built on a ladder chassis and is a true 4×4 with transfer case and low range capabilities.

Is it worth buying a Jimny?

Overall the Jimny has a distinct charm which despite it’s shortcomings makes it not only a car worth getting our hands on but an experience worth indulging into! With this I head back to my grind to earn some moolah that’ll bring this cute little dream of mine closer to reality.

Is Jimny a family car?

With the 5-door configuration, the Jimny has dialed up its family-friendly quotient. Can it be your only car though? The Maruti Suzuki Jimny may be a purpose-built off-roader but the formula it applies is unlike what most popular off-road SUVs employ.