Jumping Castles For Sale in Namibia

Jumping Castles For Sale in Namibia

What is Jumping Castles?

“We rent Bouncy Castles, Trampolines, Cotton Candy, Pop Corn, Bubble Blower, Face Painting, Decorations etc. We offer Free Transportation.”

Jumping Castles For Sale in Namibia

ITEM SOLD. 3m X 6m Jumping Castle with Slide and Pond. 7,900.00 Sold. MYNA2448 National. 3m X 6m Jumping Castle with Slide and Pond + Blower and Carry Bag.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to buy a jumping castle?

The cost of buying an inflatable range from R7,000 to R70,000, depending on the size and product selected. All Gladiator Inflatables are manufactured from top-quality-coated fabrics and carry a one-to-two-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

How heavy is a jumping castle?

The answer here depends largely on the actual size of the bounce house. It goes without saying that bounce house weight increases in lock step with size, but as a general rule, most bounce houses weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. Some are lighter or heavier of course, but most will fall into that broad range.

What is a jumping castle called?

In the USA they are usually known as bounce houses, moonwalks, spacewalks, bouncers, or jumpers. In South Africa, they tend to be known as bouncing castles. In Australia and New Zealand they tend to be known as jumping Castles, or jumps.

Is it expensive to own a castle?

The answer: it depends. French listing site Le Figaro has hundreds of castles for sale at prices ranging from $300,000 to nearly $30 million. The price of your dream castle will vary based on location and, of course, size. Depending on how recently built and upgraded the castle is, it may cost a lot more or a lot less.

Does a jumping castle work with electricity?

The electrical power requirement for an average jumping castle or water slide is 20 amps. The bigger the inflatable the more electrical power is required. The blower fan inflates the jumping castle or water slide and this blower fan needs to continuously run whilst the inflatable is being used.

How tall is a jumping castle?

Each inflatable varies in height from 1.7m to over 10m.

Can you put water on a jumping castle?

A: Yes, you may use a small amount of water to spray the jumping castle down if the weather is hot or if the unit gets dirty and you wish to clean it, please do not allow the bouncer to deflate when wet, it must remain inflated until dry.

Can jumping castles get wet?

When the bouncy castle gets very wet the children cannot use it for safety reasons, and if it has hardly been used, the customer may ask for a discount or even a full refund. Most bouncy castles have rain-covers or shower covers, but in prolonged heavy rain these tend to prove inadequate.

What holds down a jumping castle?

Jumping castles are usually anchored with pegs on the ground. If pegs cannot be used, you can put sandbags to anchor the inflatable.

What material are jumping castles made of?

Construction. The surfaces are typically composed of thick, strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and the castle is inflated using an electric or petrol-powered blower.

How do you anchor a jumping castle?

Big Metal Stakes pegged into the ground are best to anchor the jumping castle. In some instances heavy sandbag weights can also be used where installations on hard surfaces such as driveways or courtyard areas are the only option.