Land For Sale in Namibia

Land For Sale in Namibia

What is Land?

Land means entire natural wealth including surface of the earth, water sources, vegetation and minerals. Land means natural resources like forests, rivers, mountains, minerals lying at the earth core, aerial components and gases.

Land For Sale in Namibia

Two (2) PLOTS for SALE! A lot of Water! 50km from Tsumeb on the B1 Highway, 10km to Otavi! Otavi. Price: N$ 1 250 000 · Plot / erf for sale. Swakopmund.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a foreigner buy land in Namibia?

The first step for foreigners who want to buy properties in Namibia is to obtain permission from the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement. This permission is required because Namibian law prohibits foreigners from owning land in certain areas, including communal lands, nature reserves, and national parks.

What is the average price of land in Namibia?

The average market price for plots is estimated at an. average of N$1,200.00 per square until N$1,900.00. depending on the location.

Where is the land cheapest?

The most affordable land is found in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. There are several things to consider while trying to purchase land in India. The land cost should also be considered, in addition to the importance of the site’s location.

Where are land prices cheapest?

Arizona is the cheapest state to buy land with a median price of $4,164 per acre. New Mexico is the second cheapest state to buy land with a median price of $6,000 per acre. Mississippi has the third cheapest land in the US with a median price of $10,835 per acre.

Where is land most expensive?

10 Most Expensive States To Buy an Acre of Land

  • Maryland.
  • Illinois.
  • Massachusetts. Average per acre price: $46,092.
  • Florida. Average per acre price: $67,384.
  • Hawaii. Average per acre price: $75,456.
  • Delaware. Average per acre price: $83,115.
  • New Jersey. Average per acre price: $88,306.
  • Rhode Island. Average per acre price: $93,294.

Which business owns the most land in the world?

The largest landowner in the world is not a major oil magnate or a real estate investor. No, it’s the Roman Catholic Church. According to, the church owns more than 70 million hectares.

Who is the first largest land owner?

1. EMMERSON FAMILY. The nation’s largest private landowners, California’s Emmerson family, are a prime example of this trend. Through their Sierra Pacific Industries, the Emmersons increased their landholdings by more than 100 square miles to over 2.4 million acres.

Who is the biggest land owners?

The largest landowner in the world currently is King Charles III of England. How much land does the Royal Family own? He and the British Royal Family own more than 6,600,000,000 acres of land around the world. They technically own many territories around the globe, amounting to 1/6 of the surface of the planet.

Can foreigners buy farmland in Namibia?

Foreigners are not allowed to be the majority shareholder of any land used for agricultural purposes. At least 51% has to be registered to a Namibia citizen or legal entity. This ensures that a controlling percentage of a sector that greatly influences the economy reflects Namibian focus and power.

Can you own land in Namibia?

This act regulates foreign ownership of property in Namibia and stipulates that non-Namibians may not own more than 1,000 square meters of land in urban areas or more than 5,000 square meters in rural areas. However, these limits can be increased with the approval of the Namibian government.

What are the types of land ownership in Namibia?

Namibia has two main land tenure systems: freehold in urban areas and commercial farms and customary tenure on communal land (22).