List Of Audit Firm In Namibia

List Of Audit Firm In Namibia

What is Audit Firm?

An accounting network or accounting association is a professional services network whose principal purpose is to provide members resources to assist the clients around the world and hence reduce the uncertainty by bringing together a greater number of resources to work on a problem.

Here are some of the List Of Audit Firm In Namibia

Wright Registered Accountants and Auditors

SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors

Synergies Accounting

BDO Namibia

Grant Thornton Namibia


Owatjiri Accounting and Business Consultants

Light Accounting Services

Windhoek Accounting and Taxation

Singularity Accounting CC

Cloud Accounting Services CC

Kisting Consult Registered Accountants & Auditors

KPMG Windhoek

Hamilton Chartered Accountants

Siyanda Business Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

What does audit firm do in Namibia?

A company that reviews activities to identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and otherwise achieve organizational objectives. Auditing firms may investigate potential theft or fraud and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and policies. They also help to ensure the accuracy of reports.

What services do audit firms provide in Namibia?

The services provided by professional accounting firms can be tailored to meet your needs which include basic day-to-day bookkeeping, tax services, auditing, management consulting, fraud investigations and in most cases, they serve as an outsourced service to provide financial oversight for your small business.

What audit company means in Namibia?

An audit examines your business’s financial records to verify they are accurate. This is done through a systematic review of your transactions. Audits look at things like your financial statements and accounting books for small business. Many businesses have routine audits once per year.

Who can audit a company in Namibia?

A statutory auditor of a company is a person appointed to verify the correctness of the accounting records of the company. As per the Companies Act, 2013, only a practising Chartered Accountant (CA) is eligible to be appointed as the statutory auditor in a company.

How do I get audit clients in Namibia?

  • Networking. Attending the social meetings, making friends and exchanging business cards.
  • Classified Websites. Lot of people search the vendors on classified sites.
  • Discussing Knowledge.

Can an audit firm be listed in Namibia?

There are 37 eligible audit firms on the auditors’ panel set by securities regulator the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission for auditing the financial accounts of listed companies. Therefore, only 23 chartered accountant firms can now audit listed banks and NBFIs.

Is statutory audit compulsory for all companies in Namibia?

Statutory Audit as the name suggests is a compulsory audit for all companies. Every entity which is registered under the Companies Act, as a Private Limited or a Public Limited company has to get its books of accounts audited every year.

Is audit of trust compulsory in Namibia?

It is mandatory for a trust to file return of income electronically with or without digital signature. However, a trust liable to get its accounts audited under section 44AB​ shall furnish the return electronically under digital signature.

Who Cannot be an auditor of a company in Namibia?

The auditing service is considered to be personal, therefore a body corporate cannot be appointed as auditor. This also ensures that the liability of the auditor does not become limited. A person holding any security of the company, carrying a voting right cannot be appointed as auditor.

Who is not eligible for an auditor in Namibia?

If the person to be appointed or his partner holds even a single share (or other securities) of a company, he is not eligible to be appointed as an auditor. However, if a relative of such person holds securities of face value not exceeding Rs.

Why audit is required for a company in Namibia?

Auditing requirements have to be met so as to not be in violation of the Companies Act, 2013 and ensure companies are accurately representing their financial position. The auditing process is an annual procedure which comes under compliance requirements of companies.

How can a company remove an auditor in Namibia?

The application for Central Government approval for removal of auditors is to be made in Form ADT-2, within 30 days of the passing of the Board Resolution. A general meeting (EGM) is required to be held by the company within 60 days of receipt of Central Government’s approval for the passing of Special Resolution.

What qualifies you to be an auditor in Namibia?

Most auditor positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a related field. Some employers prefer to hire candidates with a master’s degree in accounting or business administration with an accounting concentration.

Who appoints the first auditor in Namibia?

Appointed by Board Of Directors. This has to be done within 30 days from the date of Registration. Appointment can also be done by Members at Extraordinary General Meeting within 90 days of the information.

Which audit is compulsory by law in Namibia?

Statutory Audit means an audit which is compulsory by any statute.