List of Bursaries in Namibia

List of Bursaries in Namibia

What Are Bursary?

A bursary is a monetary award made by any educational institution or funding authority to individuals or groups. It is usually awarded to enable a student to attend school, university or college when they might not be able to, otherwise. Some awards are aimed at encouraging specific groups or individuals into study.

Here Are Some Of The List of Bursaries in Namibia

Bank of Namibia Bursaries.

University of Namibia Bursaries.

Rossing Bursaries.

Social Security Commission Namibia Bursaries.

MTC Bursaries in Namibia.

Law Society of Namibia Bursaries.

Ohlthaver and List ( OL ) Bursaries.

KPMG Namibia Bursaries.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which bursaries are open for 2021 in Namibia?

  • NRF-Nuffic Doctoral Scholarships 2021, New.
  • Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarship 2021 – 2022, New.
  • FoodBev SETA Mandatory Grant 2021, New.
  • FoodBev SETA DISCRETIONARY Grant 2021 – 2022, New.
  • Kumba Iron Ore Bursary 2021 – 2022, New.
  • UFS Research Master’s and Doctoral Bursaries 2021, New.
  • UFS Honours Bursaries 2021, New.

How do I get a bursary in Namibia?

  • Namibian citizenship.
  • Grade 12, April and August results (academic performance of minimum 30 points)
  • Provisional admission letter from a recognised tertiary institution.
  • Academic progress report if already a tertiary student.

When should you start applying for bursaries in Namibia?

Should I start applying for awards in December of grade 12? Start as soon as you can. Earlier, if possible, as in December you’ll be thinking about exams and holidays. Many awards have recurring deadlines, meaning if you’ve missed the boat this year, you can try again next year.

What is a bursary and how does it work in Namibia?

A bursary award, or simply a bursary, is a sum of money given to students based on financial need and/or academic performance. A bursary award is provided to the student by the educational institution and is similar to scholarships awarded by American universities.

Do you have to pay back a bursary in Namibia?

The money doesn’t need to be paid back. Bursaries are usually awarded to students based on their personal circumstances or if they come from a low-income family. To be eligible, students must meet the criteria.

What is the difference between bursary and scholarship in Namibia?

What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship? A scholarship is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s academic or sporting excellence. A Bursary is a financial award granted to a student on the basis of the student’s financial neediness.

How are bursaries awarded in Namibia?

The amount awarded for a bursary depends on how much income that household has—the higher the income, the lower the amount the bursary will be. It is important not to confuse a bursary with a loan. Bursaries are funds given to you to pay for your education that you do not need to pay back.

Are bursaries paid monthly in Namibia?

How you’re paid will depend on the amount of financial support you receive. If you’re awarded a bursary or scholarship, you’ll receive this in 10 equal monthly instalments from October to July.

How do bursaries help students in Namibia?

Bursaries or scholarships are funding for deserving students, either to encourage them in a specific field or to reward them for achievements in academics, sport or leadership. If you don’t get any bursaries, you can take out a student loan. These have to be repaid, with interest, once you complete your studies.

How long does it take for a bursary to come through in Namibia?

Once we receive your bank details and completed award acceptance form, the first instalment of your bursary (usually 90%) will be sent to our finance team for processing. The payment can then take two-three weeks to reach your bank account.

When should I apply for a bursary in Namibia?

Don’t wait until you reach your matric year to look for financial aid opportunities. By the time you enter Grade 10 you should have started to think seriously about potential careers. Research which higher education institutions offer study programmes that correspond with your career choice.

Can you be funded by two bursaries in Namibia?

Although double-dipping might have legal consequences, accepting more than one bursary funding offer is not always a negative matter. Double-dipping can be for a positive reason and plausible cause.

Can you apply for a bursary while in grade 11 in Namibia?

If you are struggling to get the marks you need to do well in Grade 11, consider getting help sooner rather than later. Early application with Grade 11 results will give you the option to apply for bursaries, as well as one of the limited spaces in a university residence of your choice.

What can I spend my bursary on in Namibia?

Can my college tell me what to spend my bursary on? Yes, your bursary is to help pay for things you really need to stay on at a school, college or training provider. They can insist that your bursary is spent on travel costs, meals during the day, or equipment for your course.