List of Cities Names in Namibia

List of Cities Names in Namibia

What Are Cities?

A city is a large human settlement. It can be defined as a permanent and densely settled place with administratively defined boundaries whose members work primarily on non-agricultural tasks.

Here Are Some Of The List of Cities Names in Namibia


Walvis Bay








Frequently Ask Questions

How many cities are there in Namibia?

As of 2015, Namibia has 13 cities, ten of which have populations of over 10,000. Namibia’s most populous city and capital is Windhoek. Windhoek is home to about 431,000.

What makes a city or a town in Namibia?

In general, any place with more than 2,500 residents can be considered a city, and anything with fewer residents can be considered a town. For more details on the types of places where people live, explore the differences between rural, urban and suburban areas.

What is difference between city and village in Namibia?

A village is a small group of settlements while a city is a large group of settlements. 2. Although some might also be found in urban areas, villages are usually located in rural areas while cities are urban centers. A village is located in a smaller land area while a city has a large land area.

Why living in a city is better than village in Namibia?

Villages have a smaller population than cities, so there are fewer jobs available. Living in the city provides people with thousands of career choices. Professionals have access to large businesses, hospitals and educational facilities for work opportunities.

Why it is better to live in the city in Namibia?

It allows people to travel to different points of the city at cheaper price and it saves the environment. In the city there are more jobs than in the countryside. In the cities are also more shops. For me, countryside is better than the city because there is calm and clean air.

Is living in city better than countryside in Namibia?

Pros. Scenery – You’ll be surrounded by miles of greenery in the countryside, as oppose to big offices in the city. Community Feel – Lower population in small countryside villages means more of a community feel. Clean Air – There’s less pollution in the countryside from less cars and public transport.

Why living in the city is bad in Namibia?

Beyond stress Crowded city life can also make us more prone to contracting viruses, especially during cold and flu season. Studies have also found that people living in urban areas often eat too much processed and fast food, which puts them at greater risk for weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Why do people move to cities in Namibia?

During the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century cities grew fast, especially in Europe and North America, because new industries were created there and people found many jobs . Later on cities grew more slowly because they became overcrowded and diseases could spread faster.

Does living in a city change you in Namibia?

Living in a city affects more than just your commute and your ability to find falafel at 3 a.m. It also has a significant impact on your mindset, according to a new study highlighted by BPS Research Digest.

What is the second largest city in Namibia?

With its 81,500 inhabitants Rundu is the second largest town after the capital of Windhoek. Rundu is situated in the north east of Namibia directly at the Okavango River and the Angolan border.

Is Swakopmund a city or town?

Swakopmund (German: Mouth of the Swakop) is a city on the coast of western Namibia, 352 km (219 mi) west of the Namibian capital Windhoek via the B2 main road. It is the capital of the Erongo administrative district. The town has 44,725 inhabitants and covers 196 square kilometres (76 sq mi) of land.

How do I move to a new city without a job in Namibia?

The first step in preparing to move without a job is to ensure you have enough money to live on while looking for employment in the new city or town. This is in addition to all moving-related costs. Take into consideration either six months rent or a solid down payment, plus food, living expenses, and utilities.

Is it hard to move to a new city alone in Namibia?

It is hard to move to a new city alone, of course it is. But you can make it work: Give yourself time – Do not expect that everything will fall into place on day one – be patient and allow yourself time to get accustomed to your new surroundings and your new lifestyle.

Should I live alone in a new city in Namibia?

It’s OK to have some alone time in your new city, too! Take advantage of your new surroundings and explore what makes your city unique, like the local art or music scene. Whether you talk to anyone or not, just being surrounded by people and knowing that you can enjoy time to yourself can help you feel more at home.