List Of Cleaning Services In Namibia

List Of Cleaning Services In Namibia

What is a cleaning services?

Maid service, cleaning service, apartment cleaning and janitorial service are terms more modernly describing a specialized outside service, providing a specific service to individuals, businesses, fraternal clubs and associations as well residential premises.

Here are some of the Cleaning Services In Namibia

CLEAN PRO Cleaning Services in Windhoek Namibia

Kosha Services

SkoonMaak™: Cleaning Services in Windhoek Namibia

Pest Control & Cleaning Services – CLEAN PR

Vertex Commercial Cleaning Specialists

Namib Building Cleaners

A To Z Cleaning Services

Erongo Cleaning Services

Bidvest Namibia Steiner

Kosha Cleaning Services

Windhoek Dry Cleaners CC

Winsol Cleaning Services CC

Stellen Cleaning Namibia

Dressed In Time Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Exellent Cleaning Service

Lida Cleaning Outsourcing

Pieter’s Window Cleaning Services

Erongo Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cleaning service do in Namibia?

Standard cleaning services include tasks such as vacuuming and mopping the floors, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting. For example, basic cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, and so on.

What are the three types of cleaning in Namibia?

  • Regular cleaning. This usually takes around two to three hours.
  • Deep cleaning. More comprehensive than a regular clean.
  • End-of-tenancy cleaning.

What is the cleanest town in Namibia?

ONDANGWA – Humbleness, hardwork, quality leadership and commitment from the mayor of Ondangwa led to Ondangwa being selected the cleanest town in Namibia for 2019.

What are basic cleaning services in Namibia?

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures (dusted)
  • Cobwebs removed.
  • Blinds and window sills (dusted)
  • Moldings and woodwork (dusted)
  • Baseboards (dusted)
  • Lamp and lampshades (dusted)
  • Pictures and knick-knacks (dusted)
  • Furniture (dusted and polished and or vacuumed)

What does cleaning services include in Namibia?

  • Thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Vacuuming throughout the house.
  • Mopping.
  • Making beds.
  • Dusting all surfaces, including baseboards and light fixtures.

What are the cleaning methods in Namibia?

Cleaning is the most important and primary aspect of housekeeping. It is a process of removing dirt, dust and grime by using methods such as dusting, shaking, sweeping, mopping, washing or pol- ishing. There are certain areas you may clean daily, whereas you may clean other areas occasionally or once /twice in a year.

Is hiring a cleaner worth it in Namibia?

Hiring a maid or a house cleaning service may seem like the ultimate luxury for many of us. But your time is worth money, and the time you spend scrubbing the kitchen floor might be more profitably, not to mention more enjoyably, spent elsewhere. To borrow a term from economics, it’s lost opportunity cost.

How long does it take to clean a 4 bedroom house in Namibia?

4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath Home: Keeping up with the cleaning of a four-bedroom home will set you back about four to 4.5 hours a week cleaning. On weeks when you feel like doing a bit more cleaning, you should set an extra two hours a week.

How much do you tip cleaning lady in Namibia?

Then we recommend 10-20% same as your normally would for a one time cleaning. $1,000 if you won the lotto is always a nice treat, but not breaking the bank over paying every week is important as well. Home Spritz pricing includes tips, so no stress with us, but feel free to think about this with your current cleaners.

What does a cleaning lady do in Namibia?

Mopping, washing, and sweeping the floors, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, counters, and garage entryways. Vacuuming everything in the house, including carpets, furniture, upholstery, etc. Dusting the surfaces such as window ledges and furniture

What is the difference between a cleaning lady and a maid in Namibia?

A “Maid” is a direct employee of the family to whom he/she is providing service to usually paid an hourly salary. … “House Cleaning” is essentially an investment in protecting a home, family or office from dust & germs. These services are usually provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

How long should a cleaner take in Namibia?

It takes a professional domestic cleaner around 1.5 hours to clean a one bedroom home with one bathroom. However, it will only take this long if the home is cleaned on a regular weekly basis. If the cleaning in the home is not maintained then it can take at least 2.5 hours.

What do professional cleaners use in Namibia?

  • A high-quality microfiber cloth.
  • Distilled white vinegar.
  • A pumice scouring stick.
  • A melamine cleaning sponge.
  • Soap and water.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.

What is the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning in Namibia?

Regular cleaning of the teeth is necessary for purposes of hygiene and dental health. While regular cleaning focuses more on the gum line to scale and polish the teeth’ outer surface, deep cleaning teeth involves removing bacteria colonies and tartar from the roots of the teeth.

What is the difference between spring cleaning and deep cleaning in Namibia?

Simply put, spring cleaning is the tradition of an annual ‘deep clean’ of your home. This means completing tasks that aren’t covered as part of your standard cleaning routine, such as cleaning kitchen appliances or removing limescale deposits.