List Of Dentistry Schools In Namibia

List Of Dentistry Schools In Namibia

What Is Dentistry School?

A dental school is a tertiary educational institution—or part of such an institution—that teaches dental medicine to prospective dentists.

These Are Some Of The Dentistry Schools In Namibia

Integrated Dental Holdings

UNAM School of Medicine

Olympia Dental Practice


Health Professions Council Of Namibia

Wallenstein Dental Studio

City Dental

Auas Hills Dental Practice

University of Namibia

Dr Wessley Mouton Dental Practice CC

Dental Practice

Frequently Ask Questions

How long does it take for you to become a dentist in Namibia?

Type of program: Some aspiring dentists will complete four years in an undergraduate program, followed by another four years in a dental program. Dentistry programs that combine the undergraduate degree with dentistry training will typically allow students to complete the program in about six years.

Is it hard to be a dentist In Namibia?

It typically takes eight years to complete college and dental school. This means that a dentistry career requires hard work and patience. Find out if you have what it takes. A career in dental care can be extremely rewarding on many levels, but the road to becoming a dentist can be long and arduous.

Do dental schools in Namibia do fillings?

Most schools run clinics where students treat the public at reduced prices. You might pay half or even less for root canals, fillings, and other services, compared with what established dentists charge. The upside is that the treatment will be done by the book.

Is it stressful being a dentist?

There is existing evidence that dentistry is a stressful profession mostly due to the nature and working conditions in the dental surgery and although there has been work done on occupational stress in dentistry, there has been far less investigation of the psychological distress of the job and what impact that has on .

How can I become a dentist without a degree in Namibia?

You do not need a Bachelor of Science degree in order to qualify for dental school. Many schools will accept applicants who have only completed their third (junior) year of college, and some schools will also accept students who majored in the humanities or the arts.

Can you fail dental school in Namibia?

The number of people failing out is so low (see the spreadsheet I linked) that there is no “general” thing people do. It’s very rare for someone to not complete dental school. It’s also very rare for someone to not have a moment of crisis in dental school- you’re normal.

Is dental school easier than medical in Namibia?

Here are the facts. Medical school is more difficult to get into. Average GPA’s are higher, students have more research experience and the MCAT is longer and covers more subjects than dental. Ask a dental student and dental school is harder ask a medical student and medical school is more difficult.

Do you need to be smart to be a dentist?

You don’t need a genius level IQ to be a dentist but what you really need is to be skillful with your hands. There are many sensitive areas in a persons mouth and making a wrong move could easily result in pain to the patient.

Which year of dental school is the hardest?

The first year really reaches its climax when gross anatomy begins. This is the point in the semester when you have to dig deep. It is arguably the hardest part of the entire dental school curriculum.

Is being a dentist boring?

Dentistry is a very difficult, challenging, and rewarding occupation. It is not boring at all. Any job can be boring if you are not learning new things every day. Being the best you can be at anything is not easy.

Can you get free dental work at a dental school in Namibia?

More and more people are turning to dental schools to have their dental work done at a reduced cost, far less than what is charged in the community, or may even be offered for free. This is an option that is usually open to everyone, regardless of income.

Why are dentists suicidal?

Although dentists’ suicide is trending down, diversity in methodology means no current consensus is possible. Factors found to be influencing dentists’ suicide ranged from known occupational stressors, to toxins and substance abuse, and untreated mental health problems.

What skills do you need to be a dentist in Namibia?

  • Communication.
  • Patience.
  • A thorough and methodical approach.
  • Ability to work long hours, often under pressure.
  • Good ethical grounding.
  • Teamwork skills.

What happens if we get fail in BDS?

3rd B.D.S examination at the end of third academic year. A candidate, who fails in the main examination, shall be eligible to appear in the supplementary examination and if he/she fails again in the supplementary examination, he/she shall be eligible to appear in the subsequent main examination of his/her junior batch.

What happens if you fail dental boards?

Failure to do so could inadvertently implicate you in activity that violates Examination Regulations and may jeopardize your ability to achieve National Board certification and licensure.