List Of German Schools In Namibia

List Of German Schools In Namibia

List Of German Schools In Namibia

What is German Language?

German is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol in Italy, the German-speaking Community of Belgium, and Liechtenstein

List Of German Schools In Namibia

Goethe-Institut Namibia

Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek Namibia

University of Namibia

Frequently Asked Questions​​​​ (FAQs).

Is German spoken in Namibia?

Namibia is a multilingual country wherein German is recognised as a national language (a form of minority language). While English has been the sole official language of the country since 1990, in many areas of the country, German enjoys official status at a community level.

Why is Namibia so German?

The reason Germany selected Namibia as its “protectorate” was influenced by the fact that a tobacco merchant from Bremen, Franz Luderitz, bought up coastal land in the area in 1882. This resulted in Germany actively establishing itself in the African country by 1884. They occupied Herero lands.

What percentage of Namibians speak German?

Today, English is the country’s sole official language, but about 30,000 Namibians of German descent (around 2% of the country’s overall population) and possibly 15,000 black Namibians (many of whom returned from East Germany after Namibian independence) still speak German or Namibian Black German, respectively.

What language do Namibians speak?

The official language, is spoken by 3% of people as their native language. Portuguese was spoken by 4–5% of the total population, i.e. 100,000 people, made up mostly of the Angolan community in 2014.

How do I become German certified?

To prove your competence in the German language, for such academic studies you need to present a certificate for passing a recognized German language test. If not, you must have an educational certificate of completing a recognized study program taught in such a language

Can I learn German by myself?

Yes you can. It’s very enjoyable to learn something on your own, since it gives you a fantastic sense of achievement. Learning German by yourself is a great way to take charge of your own learning speed and the way in which you decide to learn.