List of Government Hospitals in Namibia

List of Government Hospitals in Namibia

What Are Government Hospitals?

A public hospital, or government hospital, is a hospital which is government owned and is fully funded by the government and operates solely off the money that is collected from taxpayers to fund healthcare initiatives.

These Are Some Of The List of Government Hospitals in Namibia

Windhoek Central Hospital

Katutura Hospital

Robert Mugabe Clinic

Mediclinic Windhoek

Nankudu District Hospital

Methealth Namibia Administrators

Windhoek Central hospital

Rundu Intermediate Hospital

Roman Catholic Private Hospital

Rhino Park Private Hospital

Lady Pohamba Private Hospital

Paramount Healthcare Centre.

Oshakati Hospital, Namibia

Gobabis State Hospital

Nyangana Hospital

Frequency ask Questions

What is difference between government hospital and private hospital in Namibia?

In a public hospital, the case may be entirely different. There may be a single or no person at all to be looking after the sick patient. Government hospitals are funded by the government and therefore cannot turn away patients. On the other hand the private hospitals are privately funded and make their own rules.

Why private hospitals are better than public hospitals in Namibia?

The floors are clean along with personal rooms, ICUs, and washrooms. Medical waste is also properly disposed to avoid coming in contact with people around. All in all, the cost of running a private hospital is definitely manifold than that of a public hospital.

What are the advantages of government hospitals in Namibia?

Because they are partly or fully funded by a public municipality, public hospitals accept nearly every type of insurance and are very flexible. They are usually more affordable than private facilities. They also have a much higher number of beds, so they can accommodate more patients at a time.

What are the disadvantages of government hospital in Namibia?

1) government hospitals are not clean . 2) They are unhygienic. 3) They do not do proper medical check up. 4) The doctors are not very well educated.

What is the main purpose of a hospital in Namibia?

Hospital, an institution that is built, staffed, and equipped for the diagnosis of disease; for the treatment, both medical and surgical, of the sick and the injured; and for their housing during this process. The modern hospital also often serves as a centre for investigation and for teaching.

Why are public hospitals important in Namibia?

Public and safety-net hospitals play a vital role in our nation’s health care system, delivering care and providing access to essential health and social services in underserved communities. Public hospitals have long led the health care field in providing quality care to diverse and vulnerable communities.

How do hospitals help the community in Namibia?

Hospitals also use their resources to reinvest in new models of care that go well beyond the traditional hospital walls, finding new ways to help improve the health of their communities—from providing access to medical care for patients in rural areas to supporting cutting-edge medical research and innovations.

How do public hospitals work in Namibia?

A public hospital, or government hospital, is a hospital which is government owned and is fully funded by the government and operates solely off the money that is collected from taxpayers to fund healthcare initiatives.

What role do hospitals play in today’s healthcare system in Namibia?

When not-for-profit hospitals address socioeconomic issues in the communities they serve, they help residents to afford health insurance, reduce costs due to preventable and chronic conditions, and support their own workforce needs.

What are the benefits of hospitals in Namibia?

  • Improved functional independence.
  • Reduced medical complications.
  • Relevant education and resources.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Lower long-term costs.
  • Better preparation and support for a successful future.

What is difference between private and public health service in Namibia?

Public health care is usually provided by the government through national healthcare systems. Private health care can be provided through “for profit” hospitals and self-employed practitioners, and “not for profit” non-government providers, including faith-based organizations.

What is the difference between private and public health insurance in Namibia?

Public health insurance is insurance that is subsidized or paid for entirely by public (government) funds. Private health insurance is paid for in part or entirely by the individuals being covered. Private health insurance can be offered through an employer or can be purchased by individuals.

What can you expect from a good hospital in Namibia?

There are always enough staff on duty with the right skills, knowledge and experience. Staff keep checking any possible risks to your safety. The hospital is clean and staff make sure that the risk of infection is as low as possible.

What is the role of hospital in healthcare in Namibia?

Hospitals systematically deliver high quality services, placing people in the center. It means patients and communities are empowered for their health. It also means adopting a longer-term perspective beyond saving lives to enhancing the quality of life of patients.