List of Hotels In Windhoek Namibia

List of Hotels In Windhoek Namibia

What Are Hotels?

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Hotel rooms are usually numbered (or named in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. Some boutique, high-end hotels have custom decorated rooms. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement.

Here Are Some Of The List of Hotels In Windhoek Namibia

Hilton Windhoek

Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino

The Olive Exclusive All-Suite Hotel

Protea Hotel by Marriott Windhoek Thuringerhof

Town Lodge Windhoek

Windhoek Country Club Resort

TaTe Village

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the main function of a hotel in Namibia?

The primary function of a hotel is to provide lodging for guests. Types of hotels range from basic overnight facilities, such as inns and motels that cater to business travellers and tourists, to elaborate luxury complexes, such as resorts, spas and convention hotels.

What are the main departments in a hotel in Namibia?

  • Front Office Department.
  • Housekeeping Department.
  • Food and Beverage Service Department.
  • Kitchen or Food Production Department.
  • Engineering and Maintenance Department.
  • Accounts and Credits Department.
  • Security Department.
  • Human Resources (HR) Department.

What is the work of a room attendant in a hotel in Namibia?

Room attendant responsibilities include changing towels, making beds and cleaning bathrooms. You will also address clients’ queries and make sure our rooms are fully-stocked, clean and inviting at all times. If you’re interesting in kickstarting your career in the hotel industry, we’d like to meet you.

Do hotels change sheets after every guest in Namibia?

Sheets are usually changed between guests, and sometimes state law requires it, but there’s no guarantee that they will be. As for bedspreads, forget it. It’s probably safe to say that all major hotel chains, including Hampton, instruct their housekeepers to change sheets between guests.

Why do hotels only use white sheets in Namibia?

Much like how the wealthy used to wear all white to show that they could afford to keep it clean, hotels use all white linens to show luxury. When hotel staff do the washing, they can throw bed linens, towels and any other dirty fabrics into the same washing machine without worrying about any colors running.

How do you get a job at a hotel with no experience in Namibia?

  • Show Passion and Enthusiasm.
  • Identify your Transferable Skill.
  • Be Realistic.
  • Educate Yourself.
  • Consider Volunteering.
  • Update your Social Media Profiles and Cover Letter.
  • Use your Personal Network.
  • Final Tip.

Do hotels let you live there if you work there in Namibia?

Most hotels will not let you live rent free or even on a discounted rate. If they do, you’ll have to pass the probation period which could six months to a year. Most hotels who allow employees to rent rooms at a discount limit the number of nights a year they may stay at the hotel.

What are the two main support centers in a hotel in Namibia?

Support centers, also referred to as cost centers, include the housekeeping, accounting, engineering and maintenance, and human resources divisions. These divisions do not generate direct revenue, but provide important support for the hotel’s revenue centers.

Is working at a hotel a good job in Namibia?

Working at a hotel can be a good career choice. There is room for growth and opportunity in the industry. With experience, entry-level jobs can lead to managerial positions. There are hotels throughout the country and world, and your skills can easily translate from one city to the next.

Which is a revenue center in a hotel in Namibia?

Revenue Center – A revenue center sells goods or services to guests and thereby generates revenue for the hotel. Eg: – Front office, Food and beverage outlets, business center, SPA etc. Support centers / Non- revenue center – Do not generate revenue directly but plays a supporting role to the hotel’s revenue centers.

Is working in a hotel boring in Namibia?

Working in a hotel is not dull. Every day is different, meeting new people from all walks of life and from all over the world. You solve problems, handle new challenges and have an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

How hard is it to work at a hotel Namibia?

For the most part it’s a fast-paced work environment and can be stressful but rewarding in the same time. Also people who do work in hotel industry usually complain on low salaries, long hours and that sometimes you have to deal with annoying customers.

Is working at a hotel front desk hard in Namibia?

It’s emotionally and psychologically taxing to work in a hotel. It’s emotionally and psychologically taxing to work in a hotel. At the front desk, you’re the person guests think to call and yell at – not the people who’re actually the culprit.

What is the hardest job in a hotel in Namibia?

Housekeepers can’t always control when your room gets cleaned, because they are kept to very strict schedules — the housekeeping department is often short-staffed and one of the hardest working departments in the hotel.