List of Insurance Brokers in Namibia

List of Insurance Brokers in Namibia

What Are Insurance Brokers?

An insurance broker is an intermediary who sells, solicits, or negotiates insurance on behalf of a client for compensation.

These Are Some Of The Insurance Brokers in Namibia

Securitas Insurance Brokers Windhoek

Peregrine Brokers

Namtrust Insurance Brokers CC

Minet Namibia Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd

Tessa de Jager Insurance Brokers

HLB Insurance Brokers

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia

SWANAM PTY LTD, Insurance Brokers


Welwitschia Insurance Brokers

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia Oshakati

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia Tsumeb

Flexicover Namibia

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia Keetmanshoop

Uugwanga Insurance Broker CC

Hollard Insurance Namibia

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia Mariental

Securitas Insurance Brokers Namibia Gobabis

King Price Insurance

Frequently Ask Questions

How much is an insurance broker in Namibia?

A broker fee can range anywhere from ten dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The amount will generally be closely linked to the complexity of the insurance policy or package that it is being charged on.

How do insurance brokers get paid in Namibia?

The primary way an insurance broker earns money is commissions and fees based on insurance policies sold. These commissions are typically a percentage based on the amount of annual premium the policy is sold for. An insurance premium is the amount of money an individual or business pays for an insurance policy.

Where do insurance brokers work in Namibia?

Unlike insurance agents, insurance brokers do not work for an insurance company. They work for their clients, providing advice on the best insurance options for their clients’ needs. Their goal is to support their clients’ interests — not to sell a particular policy on behalf of an insurance company.

Is it worth using an insurance broker in Namibia?

Brokers can help point out the types of cover available for the insurers they cover and help you work out what you need. They’ll also be able to tell you if you’re already covered by your existing insurance policies so you don’t overlap, and they will often get you a good deal by comparing prices and product features.

Are insurance brokers free in Namibia?

Insurance brokers don’t work for free – no one does – but they don’t make their money from their clients. Instead, brokers are paid by insurance companies. Even without the broker being a salesperson for insurance companies, the system offers insurers benefits of their own.

Why is there a broker fee in Namibia?

Specifically, there are two main types of apartment brokers: fee and no-fee. Apartment brokers who charge broker fees to renters generally do so because they add value to the process. They might help you get into an apartment in a highly desirable building that would otherwise be very difficult to get in.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent in Namibia?

There are two main differences between insurance agents and brokers: Agents represent insurers, while brokers represent consumers. Agents can complete insurance sales (bind coverage), while brokers cannot.

Do insurance brokers have to disclose commissions in Namibia?

As of Dec. 27, 2021, federal law will require health insurance agents and brokers to disclose all commissions to current clients as well as prospects. The law requires health insurance agents and brokers to detail their services as well as their direct and indirect commissions to current and potential clients.

How much commission do life insurance brokers make in Namibia?

Every company is different, but life insurance agents may make 40% to 90% percent in commission of the first year premium on term life insurance. Top ranking producers may even get 100% of the full premium in the first year as commission and often 2% to 5% commission from the second to the fourth year.

What is a commercial insurance broker in Namibia?

A commercial insurance broker is an individual tasked with acting as an intermediary. The institutions that are commonly referred to as financial intermediaries include commercial banks, investment banks, mutual funds, and pension funds.

Is it better to get health insurance through a broker in Namibia?

When you purchase health insurance through a licensed broker, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your individual or employer-sponsored plan offers the right coverage at the most affordable price. Brokers can also help elderly consumers better understand their Medicare coverage and options for long-term care.

Can you buy private health insurance at any time in Namibia?

During open enrollment, the answer to the question “Can I buy health insurance at any time?” is generally yes, as long as you do it before the open enrollment deadline is over for individual health insurance. During this window, the exchanges provide Obamacare-compliant insurance plans 24/7.