List Of International Schools In Namibia

List Of International Schools In Namibia

what is an International School?

An international school is a school that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education or International Primary Curriculum, or by following a national curriculum different from that of the school’s country of residence.

Here are some of the International Schools

Windhoek International School

St Paul’s College, Namibia

St. Paul’s College

St. George’s Diocesan School

International School of Walvis Bay (ISWB)

Frequently Ask Questions

Why International Schools Are Better In Namibia?

Many students of international schools have shown their environment, provides early preparation for further study and work. And when the child develops new and exciting skills, they grow more confident and learn how to communicate and work with other children.

What Does It Mean To Be An International School In Namibia?

An international school is a school that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education or International Primary Curriculum, or by following a national curriculum.

What Are The Four Main Goals Of Education In Namibia?

This publication is, indeed, an affirmation of the commitment of the people of Namibia to the four key broad goals of the Ministry of Basic Education, Sport and Culture, namely, access, equity, qualityand democracy.

Why Do People Go To International Schools In Namibia?

International schools provide students with many and varied opportunities to develop new skills and experiences beyond the regular curriculum. Throughout the year, international schools offer various academic travels and trips, either to surrounding regions or even to far away countries.

What Is The Benefit Of International Baccalaureate In Namibia?

International Baccalaureate (IB) World School students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. They are also likely to perform well academically – often better than students on other programmes.

Is International School Expensive In Namibia?

With annual tuition fees generally in the region of $17,000-$50,000, choosing an international school in Namibia is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Are All International Schools Private In Namibia?

The majority of these schools are private, non-profit institutions with considerable parental involvement in their governance. Namibia international schools are designed to provide a core curriculum that prepares students to enter schools, colleges, and universities in Africa.

What Is The Difference Between International School And Private School In Namibia?

Well, there is lot of difference between the two. A private school is one that is run by privately owned companies and follows the CBSE, ICSE, ISE or other such national boards. Conversely, an IB school is one that runs on the education framework designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO)

Is Education Free In Namibia?

The Namibian Constitution states that primary education shall be compulsory and provided free of charge at government schools (Article 20). The main private costs of education are those of stationery, school uniforms, transport, hostel fees, sports and extramural fees, and opportunity costs.

What Was The Main Objective Of Indigenous Education In Namibia?

The main focus in the indigenous education was that it aimed at the transmission of a societal culture. An educated person was one that had internalized the culture of his society and was living an active and useful life in that society.

What Is The Current Status Of Education In Namibia?

The ETSIP aims to align the entire Namibian education system to Namibia’s Vision 2030 and the needs of the Namibian population. In all government schools, primary education is free since 2013, and secondary education since 2016. Tertiary educational institutions, both private and public, charge tuition fees.

How Much Do International Schools Cost?

Cost of sending a child to international school varies by up to $2,464 per month. The cost of educating a child at an international school varies considerably, depending on location.

Which Syllabus Is Best For child In Namibia?

CBSE is the best choice for students who want to pursue a career in medical or engineering. CBSE offers more talent search examinations and scholarships for students and the volume of syllabus is less. ICSE focuses on the child’s overall growth and has a balanced syllabus.

Is Homeschooling Legal In Namibia?

In Namibia, there are many home-schooling institutions in residential areas where children are taught. All home-schools follow the Impak system from South Africa as it is one of the only countries in Africa whose curriculum is globally recognized as legal.