List Of National Parks In Namibia

List Of National Parks In Namibia

What is a National Park?

A national park is a natural park in use for conservation purposes, created and protected by national governments. Often it is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns.

There are some of the National Parks in Namibia

Bwabwata National Park

Dorob National Park

Etosha National Park

Khaudum National Park

Mangetti National Park

Mudumu National Park

Namib-Naukluft National Park

Nkasa Rupara National Park

Skeleton Coast National Park

Tsau ǁKhaeb National Park

Waterberg Plateau Park

ǀAi-ǀAis Hot Springs Game Park

Frequently Asked Questions

How many national parks are there in Namibia?

Namibia has 20 state run protected areas coverring about 17 per cent of the country’s land surface, which exceeds the mean PA coverage per nation of 12.2 per cent. The PAs conserve biodiversity and ecosystem by protecting some of the country’s most important habitats and species of national and global significance.

How many tourists visit the Skeleton Coast National Park each year?

While the north part of this shoreline is where travellers want to go and explore and discover, access to it is limited to around 800 visitors per year, which makes it generally both exclusive and expensive.

Where is the Skeleton Coast located?

The Skeleton Coast is the northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and south of Angola from the Kunene River south to the Swakop River, although the name is sometimes used to describe the entire Namib Desert coast.

What human activity is there in the Skeleton Coast National Park?

Activities at Skeleton Coast in Namibia include hikes on the Ugab River trail, fishing, scenic flights, vising the Cape Cross Seal Colony, Kunene River excursions and 4×4 adventures.

What country is the Namib Desert in?

Africa: Namibia. This extremely arid ecoregion comprises shifting sand dunes, gravel plains and rugged mountains. The world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert has existed for at least 55 million years, completely devoid of surface water but bisected by several dry riverbeds.

How do I get to Shipwreck Lodge in Namibia?

The easiest way for you to reach Shipwreck Lodge is to fly from either Windhoek or Swakopmund to Möwe Bay via light aircraft. From there, we can arrange your private transfer to the lodge, located 45 kilometres away. This is the perfect way to get your first glimpse at the Skeleton Coast’s extraordinary landscapes.

How many shipwrecks are in the Skeleton Coast?

Three Shipwrecks on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Namibia has several thousand shipwrecked vessels strewn across its vast coastline.

Can you drive to Skeleton Coast in Namibia?

You can’t drive on the road from Torra Bay to Terrace Bay, so you this means you can’t visit the Uniab River delta. OVERNIGHT PERMIT / An overnight permit allows you to stay at Terrace Bay Resort. The overnight permit allows you to drive up to Terrace Bay, but not any further north.

What is a national park and why are they important in Namibia?

National parks protect places of natural beauty. national park is home to many endemic species. They also protect places important to Aboriginal people, and places that show how people lived in the past. National parks are actually protected areas.

What is the main purpose of national park in Namibia?

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is certainly not for swimmers. The cold Benguela Current flows besides the coast and makes for strong waves and the current can take you well over 100 miles. However, it is a perfect destination for surfers who want to test these waters and swim among marine life.

Can you drive on the beach in Namibia?

The environment at the coast is very fragile to outside influences like for instance off-road driving. Therefore, off-road driving in the dunes as well as on the beach is not permitted.

Can you swim in the ocean in Namibia?

Whilst Namibia does have a huge coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, the coast is unsuitable for a beach holiday. The cold currents which make the waters rich in sea life, do not make for pleasant or safe swimming, and regularly create heavy and cold coastal fog.

Are national parks good or bad in Namibia?

While it’s true that national parks are likely better staffed, protected, and typically seen as more important than state parks, there are plenty of prime state parks across the country that scratch the “be surrounded by pristine nature” itch.

What is the difference between sanctuaries and national park in Namibia?

Wildlife sanctuary is natural habitat that is run by the governing bodies or private organizations that protects certain species of animals and birds. National park preserves fauna, flora, historic objects, landscape, etc. National park is highly restricted and people cannot randomly access it.

What are the benefits of national parks in Namibia?

  • Conservation.
  • They Are Sources of Energy.
  • Scientific Research.
  • Maintaining Healthy Eco-systems.

Where is the best place to live in Namibia?

Windhoek the capital city of Namibia is considered to be the best place to live in Namibia because of it’s outnumbered benefits. 1. It is the cheapest city in the Namibia to live in, Windhoek is Namibia’s capital and largest city.