List Of Quantity Surveyor Schools In Namibia

List Of Quantity Surveyor Schools In Namibia

What is Quantity Surveying?

Quantity surveyors manage the costs and budget of a building project from outset to completion.

Quantity Survey Education in Namibia?

The Quantity Surveyor, in present day construction industry,
uses his ability to analyse cost components of a construction project in a scientific way and apply the results of his analysis to a variety of financial and economic problems confronting the developer and the designer.

The study sought to appraise the educational system in the country with regards to the Quantity Surveying profession. It identified three phases in the educational system in the country.

Overview of Quantity Survey Education in Namibia

The role of the Quantity surveyor is redefined in the light of
the educational system received.

Aspiring Quantity Surveyors in Namibia can pursue technical education at any of the following institutions: secondary technical schools, vocational centers, polytechnics, technical institutes and technical teacher education colleges and universities.

Quantity Surveyor Schools In Namibia

Below are schools and centres in Namibia offering quantity surveying education to their aspiring quantity surveyors;

Institute Of Namibian Quantity Surveyors

Cost Engineering Services (CES) Namibia

WGP Quantity Surveyers

Dawn Adams Quantity Surveyors

JH Potgieter Quantity Surveyors

Rossouw Röver & Associates Quantity Surveyors Inc.

Philip Main Quantity Surveyors

Steenkamp Quantity Surveyors

Rautenbach Enssle Quantity Surveyors

WVR Quantity Surveyors

Hendrik Herselman Quantity Surveyors

Louis Burger Quantity Surveyors

Namibia Construction

Afrideca Construction Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Jordaan Oosthuysen Nangolo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are anwers to questions related to quantity surveying which are most often asked by students.

What does a quantity surveyor do?

Quantity surveyors manage the costs and budget of a building project from outset to completion. You’ll ensure the costs of the project do not exceed the budget. You’ll need a good working knowledge of the construction industry and excellent numeracy skills. 

Is quantity surveying hard?

Studying quantity surveying is difficult as is every subject that you may study – it is challenging a times but that’s the whole point of studying to challenge yourself.

What is the difference between a surveyor and a quantity surveyor?

A land surveying professional is called a land surveyor. Surveyors use equipment like total stations, robotic total stations, GPS receivers, etc.

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts.

Quantity Surveying Requirements in Namibia

Essential qualifications

  • Surveying degree
  • Or Surveying HND

Desirable qualifications

  • A level maths

Is quantity surveying stressful?

While quantity surveying is not boring, it can be a stressful job. Quantity surveyors at times have to deal with tight deadlines, long working hours, and poor work/family balance.

Does quantity surveying involve maths?

Although measuring quantities is certainly a part of quantity surveying, the mathematical demands are fairly straightforward.

The surveyor will also use some maths when presenting figures and cost estimations. But again, although they need to be proficient with numbers, mathematics is not particularly demanding.

Some Quantity Survey Services in Namibia

  • Cost planning and commercial management throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion
  • Value engineering
  • Risk management and calculation
  • Procurement advice and assistance during the tendering procedures
  • Tender analysis and agreement of the contract sum
  • Commercial management and contract administration
  • Assistance in dispute resolution
  • Asset capitalisation
  • Interim valuations and payment assessment
  • Cost management process
  • Assessing the additional costs of design variations
  • Production of company pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) documentation in line with company policies

What does a quantity surveyor do day to day in Namibia?

You’ll be preparing tender and contract documents, carrying out cost analysis, monitoring cost variations and writing reports, finding out the client requirements and undertaking feasibility studies, allocating work to sub-contractors and making payments.

Is quantity surveying a good career in Namibia?

Quantity surveyors need to go to project site often for their job as well meetings with other individuals. You can also work on a variety of construction projects from hotels, office buildings to highway roads.

This is a great opportunity for networking as well as meeting a variety of different interesting people.

How do you become a quantity surveyor in Namibia?

To become a qualified quantity surveyor, you will need to get a BTEC or HND/HNC, and to achieve this you will need four GCSE passes (A to C) / standard grades (1 to 3).

What is the role of the quantity surveyor in Namibia?

Quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards. Quantity surveyors are involved at every stage of a project.

Why should I study quantity surveying?

One reason why quantity surveying is an exciting career path is the strategic aspect of the work.

The position not only focuses on measuring up the site and working out an approximate price for the project but also incorporates strategic methods to make it cheaper for the client.

What does quantity surveying involve in Namibia?

What does a quantity surveyor do? Quantity surveyors manage the costs and budget of a building project from outset to completion. You’ll ensure the costs of the project do not exceed the budget. You’ll need a good working knowledge of the construction industry and excellent numeracy skills.

What are the different types of surveyors in Namibia?

  • Quantity surveyors.
  • Land/geomatics surveyors.
  • Party wall surveyors.
  • Valuation surveyors.
  • Building surveyors.

Related subjects in Quantity Surveying

  • Design technology
  • Maths
  • Physics

What do I need to do to become a quantity surveyor in Namibia?

To become a quantity surveyor, you’ll need to complete a degree or higher education course which is accredited by the Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS). 

What does quantity surveyor study in Namibia?

Quantity Surveying deals with estimating and managing construction costs to ensure value for money, while meeting the required building standards and quality at the same time.

Quantity Surveyor Skills

Here are some skills to be acquired by prospective quantity surveyors

  • Ability to understand technical plans
  • IT
  • Numeracy
  • Problem solving
  • Technical ability

What subjects do you need to study quantity surveying in Namibia?

An accredited degree, diploma or professional qualification is needed in order to enter the field of quantity surveying. Relevant subjects include surveying, construction, civil engineering and structural engineering.

Do quantity surveyors travel a lot?

A Quantity Surveyor is in charge of managing costs and reducing financial risks for construction and engineering projects.

A Quantity Surveyor can expect to work regular working hours with occasional travel to various job sites, meaning that a steady schedule is a norm.

Where could I be working as a Quantity Surveyor in Namibia?

You may be working indoors at a site office or outdoors at the construction site. 

Job prospects;


Architects design and create plans and technical drawings of buildings.

Job families


Construction is a huge job sector including many varied jobs from steelworker, to carpenter to surveyor. Many of these jobs involve working on outdoors or on building sites, they’re often very physically demanding.