List of State Owned Enterprises in Namibia

List of State Owned Enterprises in Namibia

What Are State Owned Enterprises?

A state-owned enterprise or government-owned enterprise is a business enterprise where the government or state has significant control through full, majority, or significant minority ownership. Defining characteristics of SOEs are their distinct legal form and operation in commercial affairs and activities.

These Are Some Of The List of State Owned Enterprises in Namibia

Namibia Broadcasting Corporation

Bank of Namibia

Namibia Post & Telecommunications Ltd

Namibia National Reinsurance Corporation Ltd

Namibia Students’ Financial Assistance Fund

Veterans Subversion Fund

Namibia Training Authority

National Housing Enterprise

Namibia Airports Company

Land Acquisition and Development Fund

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the role of state owned enterprises in Namibia?

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are wholly or majority government-owned companies that engage in extractive activities on behalf of the state. In many resource-rich countries, SOEs play an important role in exploiting natural resources and managing the extractive sector.

Why are state owned enterprises inefficient in Namibia?

They concluded that SOEs were more inefficient compared to private corporations not because of the type of ownership, but mostly due to the lack of clear objectives and goals focusing on efficiency, and additionally lack of organization-level control systems to attain these goals.

Do state owned companies make profit in Namibia?

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe noted that SOEs were not about making a profit, but about delivering public goods. However, with the possible sale or partial sale of SOEs on the cards, the current state of revenue vs profits or losses at these companies bears further scrutiny.

Why are state owned companies important in Namibia?

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are an important element of most economies, including many more advanced economies. This means that high standards of corporate governance of SOEs are critical to ensure financial stability and sustain global growth.

Does the government own companies in Namibia?

Their legal status varies from being a part of government to stock companies with a state as a regular stockholder. … There is no standard definition of a government-owned corporation (GOC) or state-owned enterprise (SOE), although the two terms can be used interchangeably.

Why are public companies inefficient in Namibia?

Public sector enterprises are inefficient because of their access to soft loans; public sector ownership has no independent impact on productivity growth. Interestingly, private sector firms with access to government loans did not perform more poorly than other private sector enterprises.

What are the reasons for the establishment of state owned enterprises in Namibia?

Some of the reasons for establishing the State Owned Enterprises was that, some of the public goods and services needed huge capital outlay to establish them, which the private entrepreneurs did not have. Even if they had, they were not prepared to embark upon.

Why do state owned companies exist in Namibia?

A state-owned enterprise (SOE) is an entity formed by the government for the purpose of engaging in commercial activities. The government usually takes either full or partial ownership of any SOEs, which are typically approved to engage in specific activities.

What is a state invested enterprise in Namibia?

For the purpose of this paper the word state-invested enterprise (SIE) denotes a corporation in which the State is the ultimate beneficiary owner, on a consolidated basis, of at least 10% of the voting stock (or equivalent, if the corporation is not a joint stock company)1.

Is a state owned company a public company in Namibia?

A state-owned company is either a company defined as a “state-owned enterprise” in the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA) or a company owned by a municipality. The majority of the provisions of a public company will apply to state-owned companies as well.

How efficiency of state owned enterprises can be improved in Namibia?

To improve SOEs’ performance efficiency, developing countries must appoint competent and autonomous management bodies to oversee SOEs’ day-to-day operations. Unlike private enterprises, SOEs’ performance evaluations must entail their profitability as well as social benefits.

Do state owned companies work In Namibia?

Although state owned enterprises are for-profit entities, not all of them make profits. In this case, such SOEs cost the government a lot of money to run and do not generate revenue in return.