List of Town Councils in Namibia

List of Town Councils in Namibia

What Are Town Councils?

A town council, city council or municipal council is a form of local government for small municipalities. Usage of the term varies under different jurisdictions.

Here Are Some Of The Town Councils In Namibia


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Frequently Ask Question

How many town councils are there in Namibia?

Local government within the state Namibia is divided into 14 regional councils and 57 unitary local authorities comprise 13 municipal councils, 26 town and 18 village councils.

What is regional council in Namibia?

Regional councils work together with the National Planning Commission to make a development plan which will guide growth and development in each region. Regional councils also help local governments in the region. The President or Parliament can assign other duties to regional councils as necessary.

What is the purpose of town councils in Namibia?

They typically focus on activities such as managing parks, car parks, footpaths, community centres, cemeteries, and other local amenities. The largest may run more commercial operations such as leisure centres or museums. The only power available solely to parish councils is to obtain land for use as allotments.

Is a town council a local authority in Namibia?

These operate at a level below district and borough councils and in some cases, unitary authorities. They’re elected and can help on a number of local issues, like providing community centres. play areas and play equipment.

What powers do local councils have in Namibia?

Through an extensive range of discretionary powers local councils provide and maintain a variety of important and visible local services including allotments, bridleways, burial grounds, bus shelters, car parks, commons and open spaces, community transport schemes, community safety and crime reduction measures, events.

Who are local councils accountable to in Namibia?

As a result, local authorities are part of the accountability system under which the Department for Communities and Local Government is accountable to Parliament. Local councils are made up of councillors who are voted for by the public in local elections. They are supported by permanent council staff.

Do local councils have a duty of care in Namibia?

Councils and local authorities have a duty of care to make sure people are kept safe in public spaces, such as parks and roads, and their properties, including schools and leisure centres.

How do local councils make decisions in Namibia?

The Council is made up of locally elected Councillors who make decisions on how to provide local services on behalf of local people. Decisions are made by democratic bodies, including the Full Council, The Cabinet, and other committees that Councillors are appointed to.

Are town councils political in Namibia?

No, you don’t have to be, most local councils are not political and most councillors sit as independent members of the council. If you would like to be a representative of a political party you will have to contact the party you want to represent and go through their processes.

What is the difference between a town council and a parish council in Namibia?

Parish and Town Councils are the same; they have the same powers and act within the same legislation. A Town Council is a Parish Council that has usually decided to have a mayor and call itself a Town Council.

Is Town Council under HDB in Namibia?

The Town Councils are autonomous legal entities formed under the Town Councils Act. Town Councils control, manage, maintain, and improve the common property of HDB residential flats and commercial property within the Town.