Marketing Plan in a Global Context at Namibia Business School

Marketing Plan in a Global Context at Namibia Business School

What is Marketing Plan in a Global Context?

A global marketing strategy is an overall marketing strategy to expand a business into markets across the world. It’s the reference for localized marketing plans to reach various regions and new markets. A global marketing strategy doesn’t only cover selling products across borders.


Strategy helps in developing goods and services with best profit making potential. Marketing strategy helps in discovering the areas affected by organizational growth and thereby helps in creating an organizational plan to cater to the customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a global marketing plan?

INTRODUCTION. A global marketing strategy (GMS) is a strategy that encompasses countries from several different regions in the world and aims at co- ordinating a company’s marketing efforts in markets in these countries. A GMS does not necessarily cover all coun- tries but it should apply across several regions.

What is the meaning of marketing plan?

A marketing plan is the advertising strategy that a business will implement to sell its product or service. The marketing plan will help determine who the target market is, how best to reach them, at what price point the product or service should be sold, and how the company will measure its efforts.

What is marketing in international context?

The word ‘International Marketing’ is defined as the exchange of goods and services across national borders to meet the requirements of the customers. It includes customer analysis in foreign countries and identifying the target market.

What’s in a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for the coming year, quarter or month. Typically, a marketing plan includes: An overview of your business’s marketing and advertising goals. A description of your business’s current marketing position.

Why is a marketing plan important?

Having a marketing plan can help you to: identify your target market and how your product or service can benefit it. identify how you might attract new customers. encourage your existing customers to continue purchasing your product or service.

What is an example of a marketing plan?

AN EXAMPLE OF A MARKETING PLAN. Based on an evaluation of the watch market and our strengths, General will introduce the Spree watch. Half the buyers of branded fashion watches are between 18 and 34 years of age. This group, which purchases more watches per capita than those older, is our primary market segment.

What is the scope of global marketing?

Scope of International Marketing increases with global markets opening up for business. At times manufacturing a product in a country can be much cost-effective and the nation becomes the hub of all exports. e.g. Huge portion of all consumer products sold globally is manufactured in China.

What is international marketing and why it is important?

At its simplest level, the role of international marketing ensures that the marketing mix for a company’s product or service matches (changing) international customer needs as well as seeking opportunities to use a company’s competitive advantages to market other products in new and/or existing markets.

Why is global marketing important example?

Global marketing is essential for modern businesses. In an era where businesses (both large and small) can sell and ship their products and services to consumers across the globe within a matter of days, it can be easy to forget how markets functioned before the digital age and the innovations in transportation.

What are examples of global marketing?

Companies whose products have an international demand often employ geomarketing strategies. So, fast-moving consumer goods, clothing, automobiles, banking, and fast food companies are all prime examples of global marketing.

What are the features of global marketing?

The global marketing mix comprises four main elements: product, price, placement and promotion. Although product development, promotional tactics and pricing mechanisms are the most visible during the marketing process, placement is just as important in determining how the product is distributed.

What is the most important part of a marketing plan?

The Most Important Piece of a Marketing Plan Is Your Targeted Customer. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Knowing your target customer is the single most important job of any marketer, and it’s a job that never ends.

What is the difference between international and global marketing?

International marketing involves the marketing tactics adopted by knowledgeable marketers in different countries specific to the markets of those countries. Global marketing, on the other hand is a marketing concept which involves the marketing efforts put in for the unique worldwide market.

What is the core of marketing plan?

A Core Marketing Plan is a document that clearly describes the methods and resources a company will use to maximize exposure of the organization’s value proposition to its target customer base.

How globalization affects marketing strategy?

Globalisation has broadened the horizons of B2B marketing by breaking down the borders between countries and extending the reach to foreign clientele. Access to mass markets can lead to increased sales for businesses, while consumers can benefit from full product variety and competitive pricing.