Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Polytechnic of Namibia

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Polytechnic of Namibia

What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management & Logistics is a subject that deals with sourcing raw materials and components required by companies to manufacture their products. People who work in Logistics focus on improving the overall performance of the supply chain, to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

Entry Requirement

A Bachelor Honours degree or its equivalent in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or related cognate area of learning or equivalent at NQF Level 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is logistics and supply chain management?

Logistics focuses on the movement and storage of items in the supply chain. Supply chain management (SCM) is more comprehensive, covering all of the coordination between partners that have a role in this network, including sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, storing and selling.

What is the function of logistics and supply management?

The main function of logistics in supply chain management is primarily to increase the overall value of each delivery, which is identified by customer satisfaction. This means that the reduction and optimization of labor resources must be tied to keeping up a certain level of quality customer service.

What is the meaning of logistics management?

Logistics management is the part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption to meet customer requirements.

What is the difference between logistic and logistics?

Logistics and logistical are closely related. Logistical refers to anything relating to logistics. Logistics is the planning and the action taking place. When referring to something logistical, it relates to logistics.

How many types of logistics are there?

There are four main types of logistics management: supply, distribution, production and reverse logistics. Each type focuses on a different aspect of the supply process.

How is marketing and logistics related?

Logistics deals with the nuts and bolts of handling and delivering products. Marketing, on the other hand, is a combination of creative activities and the detailed analysis that backs them up. However, these two departments within any company have a symbiotic relationship.

Is marketing and logistics the same?

While logistics is concerned with what it is going to take for the company to actually physically create a product, marketing is concerned with how a product will satisfy a consumer.

What is logistics and its types?

The two main categories of logistics are inbound logistics, which refers to all the processes of the gathering, handling, storing and transportation of inbound materials, and outbound logistics, which involves the collection, maintenance and delivery of products to the customer.

Do logistics companies need marketing?

Logistics and marketing go hand-in-hand. Like most businesses, logistics service providers need to find ways of attracting new right-fit clients, and a clear marketing plan is the best way to do that.

What is difference between channel strategy and logistics management?

Activities of logistic management includes packaging, control inventories, order processing, transportation, etc. Activities of channel management includes understanding target market, pricing strategies, sales staff training, promotion and advertising, etc.

What is the primary advantage of outsourcing logistics?

By outsourcing your logistics to a partner you will be able to transform some direct costs linked to the logistic activity into variable costs. With our logistics solutions the customer who outsources its logistics won’t have to invest in spaces and warehouses, systems and technologies, employees and safety measures.

What are example of logistics?

is a specialized field of its own comprised of shipping, warehousing, courier services, road/rail transportation, and air freight. Retail companies become involved in supply chain management to control product quality, inventory levels, timing, and expenses.

What is agile logistic?

Agile logistics is the integration of manufacturing, transportation and information across the extended enterprise (i.e. the entire supply chain) to provide competitive advantage through real-time flexible response to unique and changing customer requirements.

What is the work of a logistics?

Logistics jobs are careers that manage or facilitate the movement of goods from each stage of creation to shipment. You can coordinate logistics for companies as an in-house employee or work for a company that contracts logistics services to other businesses.

What is difference between logistics and transportation?

Although logistics and transportation are used interchangeability, the differences are simply logistics deals with the integration of storage, transportation, cataloging, handling, and packaging of goods. Transportation deals with the function of moving products from one location to another.