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About Us

Mediclinic Windhoek is based in the capital of Namibia, offers local and international patients a broad spectrum of professional medical services, including; professional consultations, quality medical care and well-equipped operating theatres staffed by highly trained and professional nursing, medical and other personnel.

Service Offerings

Emergency Centre

The 24-hour Emergency Centre is staffed by experienced medical doctors and registered nurses. A specialist rota enables the doctor on duty to call upon a wide spectrum of specialist advice and support. Please note that all specialists on call for a specific shift will not necessarily be on-site but will be consulted, when needed. On arrival, each patient is assessed according to the international triage system.

Neonatal Critical Care Unit

The unit is equipped with the latest medical technology. It comprises beds for high care, critical care and isolation units. Dedicated medical specialists and nursing personnel play an essential role in the treatment and care of babies within this unit. Staff practice a developmental baby-friendly approach to care that encourages kangaroo mother care for growing babies, actively involving the mother in the care of her baby.

Critical and High Care Unit

The availability of modern and highly specialised equipment in the unit, coupled with the vast pool of experience and skills of the medical specialists, nursing personnel and other professionals, make it possible to perform a variety of procedures, ranging from simple diagnostic to more complicated interventional procedures in the Critical Care and High Care Unit.

Specialised Clinics
1.  Stroke Unit
2. Scope Unit
3. Fertility Treatment Unit

Please direct all enquiries to the Patient Experience Manager.

Specialised Services

1. Radiology
2. CT scan
3. MRI
4. Pathology
5. Nuclear Medicine

Supplementary Services

1. Renal Dialysis
2. Dieticians
3. Physiotherapists
4. Psychologists
5. Psychiatrists


Job Application Tips

Your CV and online candidate profile are the most important parts of your application. However, certain information will support your application if it is available on your online profile.

Remember to:

  • Attach or upload your most recent CV.
  • Complete all relevant personal profile information in the Profile Information section, for example, your date of birth, nationality and contact details.
  • Clearly indicate your relevant skills and number of years’ experience within each area in the Skills section.
  • List your relevant previous employment.
  • Include all your relevant qualifications as these help determine if you meet the minimum requirements of the position.
  • Indicate which languages you are proficient in in the Language Skills section.
  • Indicate your willingness to relocate and your preferences in terms of geographical area in the Geographic Mobility section.

It is important to critically review positions that you are applying for. To ensure your CV stands out, tailor it to each job application according to the required skills and experience.

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For general enquiries reach us through the info provided below

Mediclinic Windhoek

Physical Address:
Heliodoor Street, Eros, Windhoek, 9000

Physical Address:
P O Box 9819, Windhoek, 9000

Tel: +264 61 433 1000

Fax: +264 61 22 0027