Mercedes Benz E Class For Sale in Namibia

Mercedes Benz E Class For Sale in Namibia

What is Mercedes Benz E Class?

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a range of executive cars manufactured by German automaker Mercedes-Benz in various engine and body configurations. Produced since 1953, the E-Class falls midrange in the Mercedes line-up, and has been marketed worldwide across five generations.

Mercedes Benz E Class For Sale in Namibia

Buy Used Mercedes-Benz E–Class Black Car in Windhoek in Namibia. 12. Mercedes-Benz E–Class. Price. $N 120,000. Windhoek.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Mercedes-Benz Class E?

Mercedes-Benz E-Class price for the base model starts at Rs. 74.95 Lakh and the top model price goes upto Rs. 88.96 Lakh (Avg. ex-showroom).

What is the price of cheapest Mercedes E-class?

The price of Mercedes-Benz E-Class starts at Rs. 75 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 88 Lakh. Mercedes-Benz E-Class is offered in 3 variants – the base model of E-Class is Exclusive E 200 and the top variant Mercedes-Benz E-Class Elite E 350d which comes at a price tag of Rs. 88 Lakh.

Is Mercedes E-class more expensive than C?

Take a look at the difference between C-Class and E-Class sedan prices: 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Priced at $41,600 MSRP* as standard or $76,200 MSRP* for the range-topping AMG® C 63 S Sedan. 2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Priced at $54,250* MSRP as standard or $107,500 MSRP* for the range-topping AMG® E 63 S Sedan.

Is Benz E-class a good car?

Highs Sweetly smooth ride, a cocoon of luxury, beats the S-class in trunk space. Lows Loads of rear-passenger space, has gained 170 pounds, we’re still waiting on the wagon. Verdict The new E-class blurs the line between mid-size and S-size, but its evolution has been carefully deployed.

Is E-Class better than C-Class?

The C-Class is a smaller and sportier car that’s ideal for those who value agility, performance, and sporty styling. The E-Class, on the other hand, is a larger and more luxurious car that’s perfect for those who prioritize comfort, refinement, and advanced technology features.

Is E-Class expensive?

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: The 2021 E-Class Sedan starts at$54,250*. Four trim upgrades, including two AMG® models, are available. For the most impressive–the AMG® E 63 S Sedan–you’ll spend around $107,500 MSRP*.

How long does E-Class engine last?

The Mercedes C-Class is considered to have the shortest lifespan of any Mercedes model, usually hovering closer to the 150,000-200,000 mile range. On the other hand, a Mercedes Benz E-Class can have a long lifespan, edging closer and even past the 250,000 mile range.

What does E mean in Mercedes E-class?

fuel injection engine

Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Chronology. Predecessor. Mercedes-Benz W124 (pre-facelift models, 1984–1993) Before 1993, the E in Mercedes-Benz nomenclature was a suffix following a vehicle’s model number which stood for Einspritzmotor (German for fuel injection engine).

What does E mean in Mercedes class?

“E” (for “Einspritzung”) indicates the vehicle’s engine is equipped with petrol fuel injection. “G” was originally used for the Geländewagen off-road vehicle, but is now applied to Mercedes SUVs in general (for example, the GLA and GLK).

Should I buy S-Class or E-Class?

The S-Class is a much more spacious sedan when it comes to rear legroom. It’s got 43.8 inches of rear legroom compared to 36.2 inches in the E-Class sedan. When it comes to total length, the S-Class has 208.2 inches of room from tip to tail, while the E-Class has 194.3 inches.